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Dead Kids
Into The Fire

Dead Kids. Yeah, Dead Kids, that band who were touted as the big bastard bollocksy spanking new renegade indie gods about 2-3 years ago have returned to grace our ears with their anthemic terracisms on Sparrows Tear Records. I'm sure that's a great name for a record label. I wish i'd have thought of that. I might start a label called Chaffich's Bea...view item »

Dead Kids
Fear And Fluoride

Dead Kids: 'Fear and Fluoride' (Salvia) Hot on the heals of the Laura Groves 7" comes something totally contrasting. Rollicking, thrashy punk-pop as opposed to the fashionable folk genre. Coming on like a version of Bloc Party with a sloganeering agenda, it's a prime time slice of pop that'll get the kids up on the floor betwixt yer nu-grave w...view item »

Dead Kids
The Dead Wife Pills

Oh & Feeble Parakeet also give us the DEAD KIDS which is much, much better. I can cope with the proper Cockney vocals (more Steve Ignorant than Johnny Rotten) because the tune is actually really cool in an 'LSF' by Kasabian fashion. They're not the awful dated...view item »