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Dead Kennedys
In God We Trust Inc. - The Lost Tapes

This is the first version of In God We Trust Inc. by The Dead Kennedys. When this was originally recorded in 1981, the tapes were found to be faulty. However, a video feed of the recording sessions survived. This is the first time these legendary recordings have been committed to vinyl. This special release by one ...view item »

Dead Kennedys
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

On this their first album they succeeded more than they ever could have wished for. This was relevant, a wake up call indeed, and still relevant. The demons the Kennedys railed against in 1980 haven't changed much. Society is still messed up, the government is not to be trusted and American culture is sophisticated only in its ability to manipul...view item »

Dead Kennedys
Original Singles Collection 1979-1982

Original Singles Collection 1979-1982 by Dead Kennedys is the essence of Dead Kennedys - boxed. This box set includes many of their classic singles, such as California Uber Alles, Holiday In Cambodia and Too Drunk To Fuck. These singles have been out of print for more tha...view item »

Dead Kennedys
Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

So this compilation is probably a reasonable introduction for new fans - several essential pieces, "California Uber Alles", "Police Truck", the legendary titled "Too Drunk to Fuck", "Life Sentence", are all present, and show off the band's most well known side-- aggressive, witty, and propulsive. But also of note is the band's ability to be almo...view item »

Dead Kennedys
Bedtime For Democracy

A slab of raging hardcore punk, the Dead Kennedy's final album, "Bedtime for Democracy", is probably in many ways a response to the disastrous affair conducted during the investigation of "Frankenchrist". Whereas that album reached through different forms and really expanded the vocabulary of the band, musically, this one focuses on aggressive p...view item »