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The Dead C
Rare Ravers

The Dead C hail from the famous music city of Dunedin in New Zealand, and, like many bands from there, initially released records through the legendary Flying Nun label as well as Siltbreeze, Xpressway and Precious Metal. The trio of Bruce Russell, Michael Morley, and Robbie Yeats have been experimenting with various forms of alternative/indie music for 32 years now, Rare Ravers is their 16th album of their idiosyncratic free rock.
  • Vinyl LP (BING139)
  • CD (BING139CD)

Bruce Russell
Metallic OK

Bruce Russell is one third of the fabulous New Zealand abject noise / unrock band The Dead C, which means anything he does is automatically worth investigating. Metallic OK is a juicy double-size portion of Russell’s solo business, incorporating good old feedback guitar squall but also detailed musique concrete adventures. Double CD on Glass Records Redux.
  • CD (REDUXCD007)

The Dead C

I should be able to just say “this is a new album from The Dead C” and you’d go and buy it straight away, but in case you need convincing… Trouble is a big fat double LP, calling to mind their classic Harsh 70’s Reality record in both size and sound. The Dead C keep on doing their magical thing of playing messed-up, noisy, broken-sounding rock music in a somehow virtuoso way, and boy is it wonderful. Out on Ba Da Bing: quality stuff.
  • Vinyl Double LP (BING114)
  • CD (BING114CD)

The Dead C Vs Rangda
The Dead C Vs Rangda

  • Vinyl LP (BING081)

Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Dead C, Boredoms, Various
Sonic Youth Presents All Tomorrows Parties 1.1

The Dead C
Secret Earth

  • Vinyl LP (BING059)
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The Dead C / Konono No. 1
Split Series 18

  • Artist(s):
  • The Dead C