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Public Service Broadcasting
The War Room

The War Room mini album was initially released on 28th May 2012 on Test Card Recordings as a limited edition run of 500 vinyl which sold out within two weeks via the band’s website. The first single from this album, Spit...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Every Valley

It's not often we completely fall out with our customers but with Public Service Broadcasting we seem to have reached an impasse. We think they are terrible, you like do a lot of people. But let's be friends eh? I am sorry if I offended any of you when I suggested that their fan base was cloth eared. In my defence I've hated Public Ser...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Inform - Educate - Entertain

Here, finally, is the debut full-length from the acclaimed duo Public Service Broadcasting, who build accessible post-rocky pop instrumentals around archival samples from wartime broadcasts and public information films. The tracks remind me of a more concise, less intense ...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Live at Brixton

Documented for posterity is the time some guys threw a load of samples over some so-so post rock and called it good. But something very remarkable indeed happened. Lots of people actually liked these vignettes and subsequently poured into the Brixton Academy to watch it all performed live. You can now re-live the sights, the sounds and...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Sputnik / Korolev

Public Service Broadcasting. They’re doing you a public service by broadcasting things of superior importance to your ears. Like generic synth tones, or the hijacking of miscellaneous vocal snippets for their own financial gain. What are they talking about? Some deep shit about space. SPACE. It’s so… big, isn’t it? Remem...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
The Race For Space / Remixes

In news that gladdens all of our hearts, Britain's worst band* get the remix treatment from lots of actual good bands. Field Music, Dutch Uncles, Maps, Vessels and others take the cash to try and bring some interest to the post rock/lazily slapped on samples. Probably the final ...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
The Race For Space

So ‘The Race For Space’ is an electro-pop pantomime based entirely around samples and spoken word about superpowers racing to the moon with a lot of cheesy musical showmanship. There are trumpets too. Instead of reviewing this record, though, which I do not feel would be constructive, I will suggest a few significant historical ...view item »

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