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Seeing Other People

They keep promising to split after every album but it just doesn't happen. Maybe we'll be sixth time lucky with this one. They really should have gone after the despairing Hang described by us as 'the worst album of 2017' but here they are again for another try. You'll get an LP of demos if you are quick with the limited edition  - that's if you can stomach anymore.  


Literally the most hated band by my late friend Archie, Foxygen would have incurred his wrath further by unleashing an album they are calling 'big band' music. The fact that they have enlisted those awful brothers the Lemon Twigs into their line up tells you all you need to know. Lead single 'Follow the Leader' both looks and sounds like Hall and Oates.  

…And Star Power

It's Foxygen, those goofy psych-rockers with a penchant for the 60s and maybe also flowers! They haven't released a record since their well loved 'We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic', but they promise this one -- named 'Star Power' after an imaginary radio station they made up -- is as good, if more punk, and also a little more soft rock. A nice contradiction, if you ask me.

We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

Californian duo Foxygen's second long player, 'We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic', is a trip though sunny, folk-inspired psychedelia. Despite a decidedly retro feel, there's still a welcome inclusion of warm, buttery, analogue synthesizers that expand the scope of this record and nullify some of the nostalgic nonsense. Fans of The Beatles, Beach Boys, and all things California Sound will appreciate. Out on Jagjaguwar. 

Take The Kids off Broadway

Once upon a time Foxygen were actually an acceptable musical outfit. Their second album Take the Kids Off Broadway. It nicks bits and pieces off all the '60s and '70s greats to form a collection which sounds somewhat like flicking through an oldies station.  It's a boisterous and fun album made before their unfortunate later leap into more ironic nod and a wink stuff.  

No Destruction / Where’s The Money?

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