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Live in Osaka 2018

The mighty Overmono aka the Russell's aka Tessela and Truss aka the Dynamic Duo aka the Banger Brothers aka Making Mum Proud offer us a precious glimpse of their HIGH ENERGY live sets with this cassette on Poly Kicks. Line in Osaka 2018 mostly features Overmono material that you're unlikely to here anywhere else, ever.

Whities 019

Opening with a track that is almost all percussion, Overmono have created no straightforward EP. Whities 019 starts off with 6 minutes of feverish and somehow melodic percussion, before warming up with a brilliant techno/dnb mishmash, and ending with an affair that is both acidic and ambient. Our supply probably won't last long so you best get in on it. 

Arla EP

If there's any XL completists out there it would be interesting to see a collection with both this and Adele in it but it's good to see that some of the funds from ol' bleater goes to something good. Brothers Tom and Ed Russell have had individual success as Truss and Tessela but had never worked together so in a heartwarming development for their parents they located to Wales to collaborate and had fun too. Certainly sounds like it  - this is energetic bouncing techtronics that can't avoid putting a smile on your face.  

Arla II

Overmono is the duo of the producers Truss and Tessela, who happen to be siblings (they must have a proud mother!). Arla II is their second EP together, and it finds the brothers Russell taking a techno framework and using it to allude to hardcore here, ambient there. The Arla II 12” is out on XL Recordings.

Raft Living

Raft Living is the new EP from brothers Truss & Tessela who make up Overmono. In these tracks you will find breakbeats, 130 bpm hardcore jungle, and an earworm to die for. This is the first time the brothers have recorded for their own Poly Kicks label as Overmono and it’s follow-up to the Arla EPs which came out via XL in 2017.

Arla III

Waxing nostalgic on some nostalgic wax, Overmono hereby bring their Arla EP trilogy to a close. If you’ve already encountered the first two entries, you’ll be aware that the brothers’ concept was to reminisce on their formative rave years in the Welsh countryside and turn the memories into contemporary tracks. The result is heady, immaculate modern beat design with fragmented speech - seemingly cropped from cheery rave parties - and rather wistful melodic motifs. Vaguely reminiscent of the more sentimental productions of Aphex Twin, Autechre or Boards of Canada.

50 Locked Grooves

True to its billing, here are 50 Locked Grooves from Truss. Using a drum synth and an Octatrack, the producer has come up with 50 micro-tracks that will play on and on and on if you let em’. For extra flexibility, the set comes with 2 12”s of the same material (though at different tempos), so you can play the loops up against each other! What a fun tool to play with. On Poly Kicks.

Perc / Sawf / Truss / Drvg Cvlture
10 Years of Perc Trax EP 02

Mainstay of dark techno, UK label Perc Trax has hit 10 and is celebrating by releasing a two-disc compilation and three vinyl EPs. This, the third of the series, features new tracks (er, trax?) from better known names Perc and Truss, alongside Sawf (a favourite of label boss Perc himself) and Drvg Cvlture, whose contribution to the collection is the rather curiously titled "(I Don’t Want To Die) In James Franco’s House".
  • Artist(s):
  • Truss

Kymin Lea

The sound of Truss is an acidic take on the hard-hitting house style of Perc Trax, and it makes a grand fit, with those high, harsh bleeps hovering over the mix quite well. What’s more Kymin Lea is part of a series of EPs where the artists are closely involved with the artwork: I really like what Truss came up with, like an old annotated physics diagram.

Donor / Truss

Donor and Truss join together to create 12 inches of thick, dark techno. There is a lot going on with these three tracks, and most of the sonic elements are deliciously distorted. Consequently, Ash would almost border on the abstract if it were not for those firm, firm 4/4 beats keeping everything in order. On M_Rec LTD’s Grey Series.
  • Artist(s):
  • Truss

Perc & Truss
Two Hundred

Total paranoia from Perc & Truss. Two Hundred is an example of the dark depths of the mind. The A side begins with a loop of what sounds like a green grocer over some sketchy monolithic techno madness. The second track is pure industrial vibrations with some alien electronics that lets you down just before it batters you again and again. On the B side "Forever Your Girl" sounds like a tongue in cheek ode to the current EDM crisis. "Van Der Valk" rounds it off in a less deranged fashion. 4 tracks of raw acid on 12" vinyl from Perc Trax Limited.