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Joe McPhee / Charlie McPhee / Graham Lambkin / Oliver Lambkin
Live In The Batcave

Joe McPhee and his brother Charlie McPhee along with Graham Lambkin (The Shadow Ring) and his son Oliver Lambkin all congregated at Charlie McPhee’s house one evening to drink and play instruments and records. The event was recorded on several cassettes simultaneously, then edited together by Graham Lambkin. Live at the Batcave is a lo-fi tape collage, with abrupt cuts and dazed echoes.

Graham Lambkin
Came to Call Mine

The godfather of musique concrete -- or some weird relative on its endless family tree, anyway -- is Graham Lambkin. Away from the music, though, he is a proficient artist, and he delivers Came to Call Mine as proof, a book that brings together his detailed sketches with written expositions.  These images conjure both human experiences with those things we keep estranged from our lives.

Graham Lambkin / Bill Nace
The Dishwashers

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Graham Lambkin

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Moniek Darge & Graham Lambkin
Indian Soundies

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