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Jane Weaver and Virginia Wing / Death And Vanilla / Noveller
Lost Library

The return of Fire records "Lost Library" series is a stormer with Jane Weaver singing atop Virginia Wing on a Suzanne Menzel song, Noveller tackling John Carpenter's 'The Thing' and Death and Vanilla re-imagine Bert Jansch's “Moonshine”. All showcase the female fron...view item »

Virginia Wing
Ecstatic Arrow

I dunno if you know, but it’s pretty hard to do what Virginia Wing do. Maybe it sounds like it, sometimes, and maybe at others it doesn’t: in that conflict is the charm of their sound, as widescreen and blissed out as it is tinkered on a whim in someone’s bedroom. On “Be Released”, the intro to their new record &lsq...view item »

Virginia Wing / XAM Duo
Tomorrow’s Gift

I know I'm actually the worst person on the entire planet to review this record (sax problems)....but there's literally no-one else and I kind of know it's good because the other day it was playing in the office and I almost got off my chair to find out what it was.  One thing is for sure, it's the best thing to come out of Bradford...view item »

Virginia Wing
Measures Of Joy

A prime example of a band getting gradually better, stronger and more defined to the point that they deliver that "stunning debut album" is found in the career thus far of Camberwell, London outfit Virginia Wing. I'm unsure whether they actually number three or four currently but that is beside the point as a couple of minutes into 'Measures of ...view item »

Virginia Wing

There’s an unwritten law somewhere that states that bands must start to incorporate electronics around their second or third album. Virginia Wing are certainly following the tried and trusted path with this ‘bridge’ single ahead of their next proper full length. Like W...view item »

Virginia Wing
Forward Constant Motion

Virginia Wing’s previous album ‘Measures of Joy’ was a record we enjoyed so much that Brian actually personally promised to refund your postage if you didn’t like it. ‘Forward Constant Motion’ lives up to its name by dismantling their old sound and creating a whole new one with mixed results. Many o...view item »

Virginia Wing
Extended Play

I heard a tape from Virginia Wing a while back and wasn’t all that taken by them, but I’m giving them another go today in order to tell you what their new EP sounds like. It’s on the ever-reliable Faux Discx so I’m open to persuasion. I’m happy to ...view item »

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