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Mr. Honeybear himself. The self-aggrandising pop masochist Father John Misty used to go by his real name, J. Tillman, and made music a little nicer, a little more humbled: early records were homespun folk gems including Cancer and Delerium and Va...read more »

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Father John Misty
Live at Third Man Records

Shy and retiring songwriter Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman) made a rare public appearance in September 2017 and it just happened to be at Third Man studios on Nashville. Much to his embarrassment presumably, the whole thing was taped and has now been released on an LP. The songs cover all three Father John Misty releases and sees him strip things back a bit compared to the lavish studio arrangements.       
  • Vinyl LP (TMR523)

Father John Misty
I Love You, Honeybear

With a slew of understated folk records secured under his own name and a hell of a fun time had playing soft percussive noises for Fleet Foxes, J. Tillman returns to his Father John Misty project, where he mixes esoteric lyricism with brazen folk rock arrangements. I Love You, Honeybear follows on from Fear Fun.
  • CD (BELLA476CDS)

Father John Misty
God’s Favorite Customer

Oh hold on, so what happened to that wife he spent hours and hours droning on about? Because the press release here says 'God’s Favorite Customer 'reflects on the experience of being caught between the vertigo of heartbreak and the manic throes of freedom'. Is it because he sounds like Elton John? Anyway ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ was produced by Tillmann....blah blah...... features Jonathan Wilson blah blah.*Fingers in ears* *not listening. 
  • Vinyl LP (BELLA770V)
  • CD (BELLA770CD)

Father John Misty
Pure Comedy

Here he comes again 'The Dancing Man' whose varied folk stylings on 'I Love You Honeybear' sent him from folk also-ran to beard of a generation. That album's mix of confessional songwriting, daring lyricism and evocative and diverse production made it more than just another folk album. I wonder how many songs on this much anticipated follow up are about his wife?  
  • Vinyl Double LP (BELLA628VX)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (BELLA628CD)

Father John Misty
Fear Fun

Though Josh Tillman had already released records under his own name and as part of Fleet Foxes, Fear Fun was the first under his alter ego Father John Misty. The change of name heralded a more mischievous and fun side to his personality which until then had been mired in sad singer-songwriter territory. The result is a joyous and varied album which subtly pays tribute to Tillman's heroes such as Harry Nilsson and Arthur Russell placing their innovations in a new and soon to be commercially successful territory.   

Marissa Nadler / Father John Misty
Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sing / Drive

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Father John Misty
I Loved You, Honeybee

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J. Tillman
Year In The Kingdom

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