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The Fidelity Wars

Here at Norman Records in the late '90s you'd be taking your life into your hands if you tried to play a Hefner record in the office. Yet away from our rarified air the band was making waves with their idiosyncratic form of nasal indie pop and folk. The Fidelity Wars was their 2009 album which gained plaudits almost everywhere else and includes tracks which reached 2 and 3 in John Peel's Festive 50.  

Darren Hayman
12 Astronauts

British indie legend Darren Hayman, formerly of cult favourites Hefner, brings us his 18th solo album 12 Astronauts. Released in the same year as the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, the concept is simple - 12 men have set foot on the Moon, and there’s one song for each of them. Lucky for some.

Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 3

Since 2016, Darren Hayman has been conducting an investigation into the the nuances of rural life in Britain. He took as his starting point the island's Thankful Villages, those to whom all their soldiers returned from the First World War alive. He visited each in turn, creating in response to them. Volume 3 marks the end of Hayman's study, one whose pastoral folk guitar capture the essence of its subject.

Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern
Essex Arms

Former Hefner man Darren Hayman drops the second LP in his Essex trilogy. Essex Arms follows on from 2009 opener Pram Town by chronicling the whys and wherefores of life in a Home County with deftness, wit and charm. Musically Essex Arms nods to twee-pop luminaries such as Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields and Graham Coxon.

The Hayman Kupa Band
The Hayman Kupa Band

When dreams come true  - part 435. Darren Hayman was watching Emma Kupa's band Standard Fare one night and thought to himself "I'd like to be in a band with her". So he made it happen at here it is. The two songwriters shared ideas, wrote songs together then asked a couple of musician pals to help flesh out the sound. Hey presto a new collaboration that plays to the songwriters strengths. Lovely.  

Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 2

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), continues his series of records themed around visits to English villages: specifically, the ones who lost no soldiers during World War 1. Thankful Villages Volume 2 digs into the folk histories of eighteen villages, weaving field recordings and interviews into his songcraft. CD / LP release on Rivertones.

Darren Hayman
Train Songs (Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit)

Darren Hayman likes trains, and is soon playing the trains-and-indie-themed festival Indie-Tracks, so this release makes perfect sense. Train Songs (Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit) is a sweet little song dedicated to the titular train, although if you don’t like the Class 108, you’ve got a few other options: as well as the 7” picture disc, this release also has an 8-track CD of other Train Songs! On Static Caravan.

Darren Hayman and Papernut Cambridge
I've Been a Bad Bad Boy

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner) has most recently been performing with Papernut Cambridge, a project run by former Death In Vegas guitarist Ian Button. Here Darren leads the ensemble in 2 tracks of lovely old-fashioned widescreen pop, presented in a vintage-style sleeve. 7” on Fortuna POP! in a limited edition of 300.
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  • Darren Hayman

Darren Hayman
Thankful Villages Vol. 1

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), themed this release (the first in a series of 3, we are told) around visits to English villages: specifically, the ones who lost no soldiers during World War 1. This heavy subject matter leads to intimate music, with each song of Thankful Villages Vol. 1 exploring the space and feel of an individual village. CD / LP release on Rivertones.

Darren Hayman

English songwriter Darren Hayman returns with another album of stripped down songwriting in Florence. With 14 albums to his name Hayman offers a steady hand of experience and a DIY aesthetic. Written and recorded in his friend’s apartment in Firenze, Italy, it’s a homely collection of acoustic guitar numbers. Out on vinyl LP from Fika.

Darren Hayman & Terry Edwards / Terry Edwards & The Dash
Let's Surf / Old Man's Hands

Darren Hayman
Chants for Socialists

This record is inspired by finding a leaflet written by William Morris, mainly famous for his interior designs, although he did a plethora of things, and whose house you can visit in north London for a good day out. It's entitled Chants for Socialists. Here, Darren Hayman puts them to music with the help of some of the Walthamstow locals to singalong. Intended as a comfort to ageing lefties, Chants for Socialists is a warm, swaying collection of folk type songs which create a sense of community within its melodies.

Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament
Four Queens

Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament
The Violence

Darren Hayman

Darren Hayman/ The Wave Pictures/ Elizabeth Morris
I Know I Fucked Up

Darren Hayman, Tigercats, Various
Vostok 5

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  • Darren Hayman

Darren Hayman, Birdie, White Town, Various
Hangover Lounge EP Vol 2

The Wave Pictures / Darren Hayman
Bruce Springsteen Tribute

Various (Butcher Boy, Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman, Airport Girl etc)
Play Some Pool, Skip Some School, Act Real Cool

Darren Hayman & The Wave Pictures

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  • Darren Hayman

The Stereo Morphonium (Darren Hayman/Hefner!!)

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  • Darren Hayman
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