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You might think that Television only made one album such is the lordation given to 'Marquee Moon'. This is their second album which, its safe to say, didn't do quite as well at the time both critically and commercially. It has a softer more layered sound which has more of a 60's West Coast vibe and could easily be seen to influence the nascent REM. Verlaine's voice is still as wiry and ragged but this sweeter side of Television should not be overlooked.  Long awaited vinyl re-issue on Rhino. 
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The Blow-Up

Recorded at CBGBs in 1978 The Blow Up is a double live LP of Television at their most raw and fiery. It sees the babd rip through songs from their classic Marquee Moon and a couple from follow up Adventure in a manner capturing a spontaneity perhaps lacking on the albums. The improvised passages and extended version of Bob Dylan's Knocking on Heaven's Door are electric. Essential listening.  

Marquee Moon

Television were integral to the New York punk scene of the 1970s that centred around the CBGBs club situated in Manhattan’s dingy Lower East Side. Whilst the music was more complex, with longer songs than the punk movement was known for, it is said that front man Tom Verlaine was the person who started wearing safety pins on his clothes, but simply to hold them together, rather than as a fashion statement. Their debut album from 1977, Marquee Moon, is absolutely essential.
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