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Go home, Mac, you're drunk. This is at least true half of the time you say it as Mac DeMarco's chill party antics go hand-in-hand with his laid-back and cunningly quixotic guitar pop. A big ol’ goofball with a goldmine of melody, DeMarco’s stupid...read more »

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Mac DeMarco
Salad Days

I have a feeling that Mac DeMarco may be a fan of Minor Threat. Because who actually uses the phrase 'Salad Days' any more? This is his second album proper, featuring more of that incredibly casual and personable crooning that he's built his career on. DeMarco is the sort of musician who seems to be enjoying himself so much that it's difficult not to get swept up by it. 

Mac DeMarco

Oh what a scamp. Everyone's favourite mommy's boy indie rock prankster Mac DeMarco has named his debut album '2'. Whatever next! For all the silliness, Mac can right a bloody good song, and make it sound just weird enough to maintain his credibility. '2' is extremely warm-hearted and as charming as his smile.

Mac DeMarco
2 Demos

Yes, 2 Demos. Not 2 Demos in the sense that there are only 2 Demos to listen to, but 2 Demos in the sense that the record provides demos for the Mac DeMarco release that was called 2. And hence: 2 Demos. Breezy-boy soft rocker Mac serves up the heyday versions of the tunes that comprised his beloved sophomore album. The real thing was dreamy and crystal-clear, but here's your chance to hear them a little more daydreamed, with a little less confidence, with a little more excitement. It's 2 Demos.
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Mac DeMarco
Another One

Smooth rolling singer-songwriter duuude Mac DeMarco has a new record out, even though it was just a year since the last! Excellent work ethic. Another One has eight fine tracks of his sauntering melancholy style, featuring not a note from anybody but DeMarco himself: a real solo album! Out on Captured Tracks.

Mac DeMarco
Here Comes The Cowboy

Now signed to his very own Mac's Record Label here comes dungaree totin' tunesmith with an album he knocked up in a couple of weeks in January. 2019. The subject matter here is cowboys - a word he uses as a term of endearment to his pals. Expect laid back songs masquerading as breezes...or the other way round. Whatever  - it will possibly be 2019s most laid back record. 

Mac DeMarco / Haruomi Hosono
Honey Moon

Turns out that Mac DeMarco is a huge fan of Japanese legend Haruomi Hosono and as part of this ongoing series from Lights in the Attic has chosen to cover 'Honey Moon' in his inimitable style whilst also singing in Japanese. You'll remember this series from the time Ariel Pink covered Donnie & Joe Emerson's 'Baby' and the format remains the same here  - you get the cover on the A side and the original on the flip.  

Mac DeMarco
Salad Days Demos

"Salad days are gone" sang Mac DeMarco on his beloved and commercially adored record Salad Days. In fact they are not, because he's now putting out his Salad Days Demos, collection original iterations of songs praised for their sparkly, rich guitar tones, breezy melodies and reassuringly chill themes. AM rock turned stoner bliss, DeMarco's music feels classic and cozy, and now you can hear how the record that got him out in the limelight came to be.
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Mac DeMarco
This Old Dog

Here he comes again, wearer of North America's filthiest dungarees, that gap toothed smile presumably still intact. Last year's 'Another One' had him a little more measured and melancholy and certainly the first two tracks teased from this have a similar hushed vibe but with that twanging jangling guitar and warm mid fi pop sound intact. 

Mac DeMarco
Another (Demo) One

Mac De Marco's latest effort 'Another One' was like drinking Ben Shaw's 'to dilute' orange juice after bingeing on Tropicana for ten years. Generally as weak as a piss in a reservoir, it showcased the first signs that Mac was starting to believe his own hype and actually not trying that hard. So this Record Store Day it's time to rejoice in being able to hear the actual demos for that record. I'm excited. This is a bit like when they released that 'Pet Sounds' box set.   

Mac DeMarco
Demos Volume 1

Chill daddy and stoner seminar leader Mac DeMarco actually did a few takes of the songs on 2 and Salad Days, if you can believe it. His sunshine pop is given an origin story with Demos Volume 1, a nice little CD that puts the inner workings of his recent songs on display. If you want to hear some unreleased nuggets and the sound of DeMarco fucking shit up from his very own bedroom, you'll want to hear this.