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Darkstar & Gwilym Gold
Rope / Folk

Darkstar have fully succeeded in that interesting transformation they’ve been pulling off for a while now, going from dubstep producers to electronic pop performers. Rope / Folk pairs them with composer Gwilym Gold, tasked with accompanying Holly Blakey’s contemporary dance ...view item »


I’m one of those moaning stuck-in-a-rut buggers that wishes Darkstar had continued experimenting within a dubstep vein as there’s three twelves by them I could not live without and that doesn’t even include the technicolour mind-warp that...view item »

Foam Island

I’m no look back bore but as far as Darkstar are concerned not a squilli-note of their music has reached the wonderful melancholic heights of their debut ‘North’ and even then that record went out on a limb to those brought up on their early instrumental productions. For folks who call London home, they are pretty obsessed with...view item »

News from Nowhere

Being a bit of a Warp Records geek I’m surprised that Darkstar have completely passed me by so bear with me on this one, News From Nowhere starts off with a couple of nice floaty ambient tracks and by track three ‘Armonica’ the vocals become mo...view item »


Here we have a fresh remix 12” featuring Darkstar’s own recycling of two tracks from their acclaimed album News From Nowhere. Timeaway and Hold Me Down provide a sleek A side, whilst the B-side sees Kollaps have a stab at You Don’t Need A Weatherman. Out on 12” ...view item »