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Darkstar & Gwilym Gold
Rope / Folk

Darkstar have fully succeeded in that interesting transformation they’ve been pulling off for a while now, going from dubstep producers to electronic pop performers. Rope / Folk pairs them with composer Gwilym Gold, tasked with accompanying Holly Blakey’s contemporary dance ...view item »


I’m one of those moaning stuck-in-a-rut buggers that wishes Darkstar had continued experimenting within a dubstep vein as there’s three twelves by them I could not live without and that doesn’t even include the technicolour mind-warp that...view item »

Foam Island

Who’d have thought, back in the early dubstep days, that Darkstar would end up releasing an album called Foam Island? Probably no-one, but I’m glad they did, as that title fits the tactile textures of this collection of smooth electronic pop rather well. Twelve tracks, released in the kind of superbly-photog...view item »

News from Nowhere

Being a bit of a Warp Records geek I’m surprised that Darkstar have completely passed me by so bear with me on this one, News From Nowhere starts off with a couple of nice floaty ambient tracks and by track three ‘Armonica’ the vocals become mo...view item »


Here we have a fresh remix 12” featuring Darkstar’s own recycling of two tracks from their acclaimed album News From Nowhere. Timeaway and Hold Me Down provide a sleek A side, whilst the B-side sees Kollaps have a stab at You Don’t Need A Weatherman. Out on 12” ...view item »

Need You/ Squeeze My Lime

Hyperdub unleash a new 12" by the under-rated Darkstar, a buddy of Zomby who I really dug the recent 12" by. 'I Need You' is a lot more 2-step garage with odd vocoder vox, a bouncy, playful bassline & some real sweet DIY synth lines. He also employs that magnificently eerie burbling alien synth noise that sounds like some sleek plasma...view item »
12" (HDB010, £4.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer

Woohoo! New Darkstar 12"! 'Need You' was, along with Peverelist's 'Infinity Is Now', definitely one my favourite tunes of last year and 'Aidy's Girl Is a Computer' keeps up the stellar standard. Again aided by pleading vocoder refrains (although this time malfunctioning, cut to bits and barely clinging on to language) and a fantastically emoti...view item »
12" (HDB028, £5.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Gold / Gold [ John Roberts Mix ]

This tune is lifted from the North album and is a cover of the Human League's 'You Remind Me Of Gold' which was the B-side to 1982's Mirror Man. The general mutterings around the office seem to be dislike of this record but at the risk of being tarred and feathered by my colleagues I'm going to say that I really don't mind it at all. Actually I ...view item »
12" (HDB043, £6.49) is now sold out, sorry.
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Righto. This expanded line-up of Darkstar are causing real ripples of excitement on the electronic scene as of now. From deep dubstep fused with digital soul to proto wonky, their journey as a duo has been a slow burning, inspired one so far. Now they've added a vocalist & made a radical stylistic shift into grander, poppier pastures. There'...view item »

Zomby/ Darkstar
Memories Rmx/ Saytar

12" (MG77.6, £5.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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