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JAI/MAHL (Jamal Moss / Hieroglyphic Being)

Sneaky release from Jamal Moss (better known as Hieroglyphic Being) under his JAI/MAHL alias. One of the most dependably interesting artists in electronic music, pretty much everything he does is worth listening to. #DontjusttalkaboutitbeAboutIt is a bit more conventional than what he's ...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being
The Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series)

Following up his loving tribute to all things innovative in the jazz world from classic Blue Note records onwards on 'The Red Notes', Jamal Moss releases The Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series) under his foremost Hieroglyphic Being alias.  Moss visited the late Bob Moog's Sound...view item »

Jamal Moss
Acid Taken Over

The man better known as Hieroglyphic Being presents five tracks from his self-released, silver envelope-encased Acid Attacks tape, plus an extra unreleased cut. This music has all the squelchy hallmarks of acid, but twisted into surprising and exciting new forms. Very hard, uncompromising and avan...view item »

The Sun God
The Anticipatory Organization

Described in the press release as 'three rousing tracks to stir the attention' (whatever that means), this record is probably one you're going to want to listen to should you need to have your attention stirred (apparently). It's worth noting that amongst the attention related jokes that these three tracks are actually pretty the alb...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being
The Red Notes

Prolific producer and DJ Jamal Moss puts out another record under his primary Hieroglyphic Being alias. He expanded his horizons with a collaborative album We Are Not the First in 2015, learning from and working directly with Marshall Allen and&nb...view item »

Jamal Moss presents R2 Underground
The Walls

Jamal Moss, the Hieroglyphic Being himself, presents a fine cut from a live performance in Zurich on the A-side of this, the one hundredth release of the Mathematics label! Over on the B-side, we get to enjoy a ‘Paradise’ mix and an ’Ocean To Ocean’ version from Blake Ronan...view item »

Africans With Mainframes
Faces of Africa II

Africans With Mainframes is the ever-potent pairing of Noleian Reusse with Jamal Moss, aka the Hieroglyphic Being himself. With the twin influences of cosmic drift of outer space on one side and the hard-jacking thud of Chicago’s basements on the other, Africans Wi...view item »

The Sun God
Same Beings, Same Experiences, Same Worlds

Chicago legend Jamal Moss’s best-known alias is Hieroglyphic Being, but the man just can’t stop sprouting tracks and identities to go with them. As The Sun God, he here presents two cuts of good-time technoish electronics, powered by a deliciously overdriven (to the point of distorti...view item »

Jamal Moss
Acid Attacks

Chicago legend Jamal Moss (aka the great Hieroglyphic Being himself) just keeps on producing killer tracks, and he must squeeze them out however possible. Acid Attacks is a self-released cassette that's circulating in very limited quantities, packed full of juicy acidic action bounced straight from ...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being
This Isn't Your Typical 90's Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View

A the title claims on This Isn't Your Typical 90's Era Techno Hieroglyphic Being brings two storming tracks that aren’t just looking back at the birth and growth of rave culture and appropriating but taking it on and using it’s tremendous freedom of creativity to unleash these free thinking techno slammers. ...view item »

Jamal Moss
Ginger Snaps

The Hieroglyphic Being just doesn’t stop producing: Jamal Moss aka The Sun God, half of The Angel Race, Africans With Mainframes, Faces of Drums etc. unleashes a 12" of 3 killer cuts in his inimitable style. Chicago house / rugged techno meets free jazz on this mystical EP that will warp minds and mov...view item »

The Faces of Drums
Let Go & Release Yourself EP

Cosmic Gherkin Acid from The Faces of Drums, the pairing of the killer producers Steve Poindexter and Jamal Moss (aka Mathematics label boss and the Hieroglyphic Being himself). Of course, these dudes can craft irresistible body-jerkers in their sleep, so all three tracks on the...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being and The Configurative Or Modular Me Trio
Azimuthal Equidistant

The Hieroglyphic Being returns, apparently backed up by The Configurative Or Modular Me Trio, although whether that is a real outfit or just another bit of tasty pseudonym fun is anyone’s guess. Point is, the three tracks of Azimuthal Equidistant have the direct-line analogue space-house power you...view item »

The Faces of Drums
Do U Like The Way It Feels

Old-school Gherkin Acid from The Faces of Drums, the pairing of the veteran producers Steve Poindexter and Jamal Moss (aka Mathematics label boss and the Hieroglyphic Being himself). Of course, these dudes can craft irresistible body-jerkers in their sleep, so Do U Like The ...view item »

Hieroglyphic Being & The Truth Theory Trio
The 42 Laws Of Maat

Experimental and verging psychedelic house tracks from Hieroglyphic Being, in collaboration with the so-called The Truth Trio, who - it is entirely possible - may not actually exist. Heavy hitting distorted kicks which compress the fuzzed out melodies and piano riffs that lay beneath, and dirty analog synths &nb...view item »

Africans With Mainframes
Faces of Africa

Releases from Jamal Moss (aka Hieroglyphic Being) under any of his working aliases is always welcome. Africans With Mainframes is his project with fellow afrofuturist space-electro explorer Noleian Reusse, and Faces Of Africa finds them firing off in all directions. 12&...view item »

Africans With Mainframes

Africans With Mainframes is the pairing of Jamal Moss (aka Hieroglyphic Being) and his Chicago buddy Noleian Reusse. After stacks of quality 12”s over the last decade, 2016 sees the release of their first full-length album, K.M.T., and what a blast it is. The high...view item »

Bill Killed

What can we say about this one? The artist of this track remains firmly anonymous (answers on the back of a postcard?), although if you already know the original ‘Kill Bill’ by I.B.M. you’ll know that this is something to be excited for. Bill Killed is yet more aggressive than the original, can you bel...view item »

Africans With Mainframes
Commission Number 3

Africans with Mainframes are a pair of Chicago dwellers: Noleian Reusse, and the mighty Jamal Moss, who you are sure to know as the legendary Hieroglyphic Being. The business going on with Commision Number 3 is suitably spaced-sounding, analogue electronics clicking aga...view item »

The Sun God
The Sun God and The Myth Lives On Trio

The Sun God, aka Chicago based DJ/producer Jamal Moss (Mathematics recordings) returns to radical musical curiosities label Cejero with ‘The Sun God And The Myth Lives On Trio’. The tracks are punchy but meditative electro compositions built from the warm sounds of classic vintage technology....view item »