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Francis Bebey
African Electronic Music 1975-1982

Putting aside a slightly over-simplistic title, ‘African Electronic Music 1975-1982’ superb compilation of brilliantly idiosyncratic tracks from Cameroonian artist Francis Bebey. This record demonstrates Bebey’s compositional panache as well as anything else in his discography, the melange of synthesiser sounds mixing with sprightly acoustic instrumentation and wry, witty vocals.
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Francis Bebey
Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984

Crate diggers and rare musical magpies Born Bad give us another reason to love them with Francis Bebey's 'Psychedelic Stanza', a biographical compilation that combs through the best work of Cameroonian polymath Francis Bebey, who created a sound that could be groovy and raw at the same time, as finely textured as it was utterly sparse. This time they look at the '80s period of his recording career, which retains the same joyous spirit -- just listen to him sing.