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Jack Pattern / FRAK
Jack Frak Split

Here’s a split 10” that will blow away any cobwebs. Jack Pattern and FRAK have offered up a side each of techno with Jack Frak Split. It will smack you round the chops like Captain Caveman’s Club, or Thor’s Hammer, depending on your frame of reference. Whatever, it's in your face stuff. Limited edition of 300 on Cosmic Pint Glass.
  • Vinyl 10" (CPG010)
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  • Limited edition

Villa Abo
Carpet Proof Of Daily Reports

Jan Zware Svensson, who is also known as Frak and the guy who runs Borft records, takes a little trip back in time. 20-odd years ago, one of his early projects Villa Abo, made Stateside-style house tracks such as Ticketiketas and Tagetes. He’s at it again on Carpet Proof of Daily Reports. 300 hand-numbered copies. LP on iDEAL Recordings.


Weird Swedish squelchy sounding techno from synthesiser trio Frak, aka Jan Svensson, Johan Sturesson and Björn Isgren. On stage, they wear strange gold masks (apparently their music is so weird they have to wear disguises or they get chased and beaten up). This offering comes on groovy double vinyl with a fetching hand-printed sleeve. 

Villa Abo
Magnetic Moves

Villa Åbo is now vinyl-able: the 2014 debut LP of this seldom-active pet project of Jan Svensson’s has found its way into waxy waters. Svensson has been active for decades under various names and as manager of the label Börft. The Villa Åbo project is all about exquisitely-produced minimal techno. The productions usually contain just enough elements and acidity to populate compelling, ambiguous atmospheres. At other times (e.g. ‘Bianco Festival’)  things get a bit cheekier.

Lane Escape EP

Frak's 'Lane Escape EP' is one of those great records that manages to combine dirty, understated acid with weirdly soulful Chicago house hooks, resulting in an exercise in propulsion and retro-minimalism. This irresistible four track release is a meeting of worlds, played out in four to the floor analogue harmony.
  • Vinyl 12" (UTTU080)
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Sudden Haircut EP

Frak have been making their distinctive no-wave synth jams for almost thirty years now, and with Sudden Haircut EP they show no signs of slowing down. The trio use analogue gear to make a raw and extremely melodic industrial techno; a uniquely Scandinavian machine-music built from icy synths and drum machines.

Long Loophole / Meet Willie

Swedish analogue trio Frak share some unreleased heat from ‘91-’92 on the Portugal-based LAMA label in 2016 because why the hell not? This 12” introduces itself with “MEET WILLIE”, a barebones percussive cut that chugs right ahead into shimmering chords. “LONG LOOPHOLE” is much less grounded and much more spaced out as electronic affairs go, plus it receives the eyes-down dancefloor treatment with an Obalski remix closing things out.

Frak / Heatsick
Live at Club 4 Reel, OCCII, Amsterdam

Both Frak’s synth weirdness and Heatsick’s off-kilter house experiments are best experienced live. The rough and loose arrangements, lurching drones and freeform percussion blend into a fantastically bizarre electronic soup. To capture that sound C4 Reels are releasing this recording of a 2012 live show in Amsterdam. This is limited to 100 coloured double cassettes, with handmade artwork, and there won’t be a repress of this little gem.

Upset About Lance EP

The press release, such as it is, i.e one sentence with misspellings all over the place describes this as a record of "analogue black acid magic". It sure is pulsy.  These Swedish veterans perform a deep dark slice of kraut-driven techno which is both emotive and hypnotic. Four tracks in all, dark as a coven. 

Alice in Acidland

Alice In Acidland is a very different kind of child's story in which everyone is brought up on esoteric techno. Frak goes hard and relentless on this release, worshipping his old techno and rave heroes and offering no frills, no respite no love. Cold, dark and distorted cuts from a person who should not be trusted to tell fairytales.

Skudge, MSRK, Frak, TM404
Skum One