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Aaron Turner & Daniel Menche

Aaron Turner, best known for his role at the core of the much-loved post-metal outfit Isis, here teams up with an even more ferocious sound-maker: Daniel Menche! Together the two have worked up a single thirty-two minute piece, densely laden with field recordings, noise electronics, vocals and g...view item »

Daniel Menche

Careful noise-crafter Daniel Menche presents a particularly hefty set of new works, filling up three CDs. Sleeper taps into the minimalist tradition of Charlemagne Palestine, through of course his essential Menche-ness shines through in the form of harsh tones and rhythms. Made with var...view item »

Daniel Menche & William Fowler Collins
Split LP

It's dark ambient/drone time with this split LP from Daniel Menche and William Fowler Collins, who take a side-long track each here. First we've got Menche's offering 'Raised Coils of the Giant Serpent of Eternity', in which he drones on pipe organ, trumpets, tubas, trombones, electronics and noise. It starts out quite tranquil and organic and...view item »

Daniel Menche
Quanta of Light

Ahh yes another of those limited edition Touch white label LP's, this time from long-time favourite Daniel Menche. The grooves on the vinyl are so fine that I though both sides were blank to begin with! Thankfully that's not the case, where dropping the needle onto the grooves has Daniel...view item »

Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche meets Franz Kafka, in a pairing that nobody was expecting. Odradek is not only the name of this album, but also the name of a mysterious creature who features in a Kafka short story (a visual interpretation is provided on the cover). Said story is spoken here (in the original German), accompanied by a ...view item »

Daniel Menche
Marriage Of Metals

Large man-of-noise Daniel Menche was, somehow, recently allowed access to a gamelan, that incredible instrument of Indonesia. After recording a session with it, Menche applied his usual heavy processing techniques to create a unique pair of pieces. Marriage of Metals strikes the perfect balance between ...view item »

Daniel Menche
Terre Paroxysm

I might be stepping on Ant's shoes here as he's a big Daniel Menche fan but seeing as though he's off and we're all snowbound at work I thought I'd see how I got on with it. It's been on for a couple of minutes and there's a dark distorted hum eminating from the stereo. Part radio interference, part storm of evil it's bound for my ears and I...view item »

Daniel Menche

It's great working here. You get the chance to hear what it sounds like inside a massive churning cement mixer full of bits of old car and get paid for listening to it. Now someone's emptied the cement mixer and parked an idling aeroplane next to it. Now they're fucking chucking loaded bo...view item »

Daniel Menche

Feral, a Daniel Menche CD release on Sub Rosa, announces itself with a blurred photograph of a dog that looks like it is seconds away from biting your face. This sends out the right signals, as Feral’s four lengthy pieces use largely natural sound sources (water, stone etc.) which are distorted and proces...view item »

Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis
Yagua Ovy

I'm way into a lot of the sounds that these guys create but as far as I'm aware this is actually their first collaboration. From the moment the needle hits the weapons-grade heavy vinyl we are treated to strange scraping cyclic sounds like a load of twigs have been bundled and stuffed into a washing machine and then proceed to snap and crunch as...view item »

Daniel Menche
Blood Of The Land

This single track clocks in at just under 21 minutes and is much in the same spirit as Chris Watson and BJ Nilsen's Storm album on Touch. It being Storm recordings captured throughout 2009-2010 at locations around Oregon USA. Menche layers up the recordings of these natural phenomena building a densely textured piece full of unique rhythms, howl...view item »

Daniel Menche
Creatures Of Cadence

Next is 'Drunk Gods' by Daniel Menche. At first this sounds like a wasp buzzing around inside a jam jar. There's only one 'song' here    - imagine if the wasp got angrier and angrier and it continued to flap uselessly around trying to escape. Well that is what this CD sounds like....view item »

Daniel Menche

Daniel Menche has a fantastic disc out on Editions Mego which really sucked me into its vortex the first time it got played. 'Kataract' captures the powerful and uncompromising force of nature that is water, or more specifically waterfalls of the Pacific North West. This is the sort of stuff I can listen to for hours just getting lost in all...view item »

Joe Preston and Daniel Menche
Cerberic Doxology

From one lord of heaviness to another... Joe Preston (Thrones, High On Fire, Harvey Milk and one time Melvins bass twanger) has collaborated with Daniel Menche on 'Cerberic Doxology' which is a new fangle "Dual Disc" which means that it is double sided. A CD on one side and a 5.1 DVD on the other. As The Buggles said "This Is The Age...view item »

Daniel Menche
Glass Forest

Glass Forest is a wonderfully evocative title isn’t it? It really captures the feel of this release: glistening and pure, but also dark and entangled; organic and mossy, but also sharp and artificial. Daniel Menche is a remarkable music-maker, and this CD release on Important Records captures both his harsh, noisy...view item »

Daniel Menche/ Kiyoshi Mizutani

Kevin Drumm & Daniel Menche

Kevin Drumm and Daniel Menche CD called Gauntlet on Editions Mego. This would be Ant's album of the week if he had more power, but alas he sits outside the castle door with his broken horse. This is an extremely powerful emotive guitarfest of feedback, screeching and headfuckery. Beneath the enormous walls of sound are melodies and ryhthms which ar...view item »

Daniel Menche
Bleeding Heavens

Daniel Menche has a thing about blood, though not in a dodgy fetishistic way (he isn’t that kind of noise artist). Rather, he feels it embodies an intense, visceral creativity that he harnesses for his compositions. Bleeding Heavens uses organ and trumpets as sound sources, although you wouldn’t necessarily ...view item »