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Bérangère Maximin
Land of Waves

Bérangère Maximin is an electroacoustic and expert sound artist from France. Land of Waves is her sixth album. Here, she creates a fully immersive world, representing the natural and the man-made, using synths, electric guitars, voice, percussion and electronics, manipulating sounds and stitching them together like only she can.
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Bérangère Maximin
Frozen Refrains

Bérangére Maximin composes with a brace of midi-controlled electronics, computer-derived patterns, deeply-processed everyday field recordings, loops and fragments and unidentified shimmers. Frozen Refrain is a canny and self-aware piece of electroacoustics that creates its own context. Vinyl release on Atlas Realisations.

Berangere Maximin
Dangerous Orbits

Available on CD or double vinyl LP on Crammed Discs. Jeeez! Name dropping alone should grab you if you like any kind of drone or sound art. Berangere Maximin studied under Denis Dufour (GRM, and himself a pupil of Pierre Schaeffer), first album released on John Zorn’s Label, and on to collaborations with Fennesz, and Rhys Chatham. Needless to say, this is honed skill in sound collage and other worldly atmospherics.

Berangere Maximin
No One Is An Island

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