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Dan Melchior & Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson
Dark Arc

Dan Melchior, the extra-weird garage rock dude with a taste for experimentalism, meets his match in Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, for this fresh team-up on Dennis Tyfus’ Ultra Eczema...view item »

Dan Melchior

Stripped back, haunting and rammed with atmosphere is Melpomene - the latest brainchild of US experimentalist Dan Melchior. It was all so different for this boundary-pushing pioneer, who was previously known as a garage rock provocateur. Though this release proves Melchior is now far harder t...view item »

Dan Melchior
Ghost In the Supermarket

Dan Melchior is back with five brand new songs on this leopard claw bay-related 12” EP on Moniker. On the first side we've got the plodding acoustic title track and then a more upbeat bit of weirdo lo-fi pop called 'Strange Antennae' w...view item »

Dan Melchior
The Souls Of Birds And Mice

Dan Melchior's newest record is comprised of two psychedelic compositions that hope to capture the process of making music as much as the fruits of that process; on 'The Souls of Birds and Mice' it's important that you can hear Melchior's work coming together. As always, though, his work is a blast. ...view item »

Dan Melchior
Slow Down Tiger

What could that be, oscillating wildly through the room, sometimes screeching and always haunting? Would it be Dan Melchior, with his scary ambient noise? Of course! Slow Down Tiger is his latest unnerving effort that will hypnotize you, entrance you and leave you shook, exhausted and pleased when it’s all over....view item »

The Fresh & Only's/ Dan Melchior

Another split 7", another dollar....DM & DM (Dan Melchior) offer a lo-fi cut which is faster than a Texan lynching. Their 2 songs are both parts funny and catchy. The 2nd track A Delicate Genius Backstage is really funny. It's about the artist in us all (apparently) and somehow it does strike a chord with me. All in all worth investigating...view item »