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Aesop Rock

Leftfield hip hop champ Aesop Rock is as deft on the buttons as he is on the mic, and his soundtrack to Brooklyn-based civil war drama Bushwick has been the perfect vehicle for him to stretch his legs and show off the hidden depths of his beatsmithery. From noirish mood pieces to more conventional grooves, it’s a ...view item »

Aesop Rock
The Impossible Kid

Aesop Rock’s first solo full-length since 2012 is The Impossible Kid, and it swings and flows very fine indeed. The dude produced the whole record as well as carrying off the MC duties, and he shows his indie credentials by name-checking Einsturzende Neubauten and The Peel Sessions. The vinyl edit...view item »

Aesop Rock
Bazooka Tooth

Nothing on Bazooka Tooth is simple: the production is reminiscent of a room full of broken electronics that coincidentally sounds like something to which you can rap. Ace Rock does just that with words that have no obvious connection to anything resembling a theme. Don't be fooled, though, there is an essay lurking below the surface. Many of the...view item »

Aesop Rock
Labor Days

While his nasally tone, awkward delivery and surrealist imagery make it evident why he has not risen higher in mainstream hip-hop, Aesop unleashes the most potent stream-of-consciousness styled lyrics heard. While it all may sound like a garbled bunch of nonsense to the uninitiated, spend some time with these rhymes and you may find that elusive...view item »

Aesop Rock
Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives

Many debate whether Aesop was better with his earlier releases or his latter ones, but one thing remains true...he is a genius. There is not another emcee with the vocabulary of Aesop Rock and we might not see another for a long time. I feel that Fast Cars is a bit of a mix between old and new Aesop sounds. The beats are a little less jagged tha...view item »