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James Murray
Falling Backwards

James Murray follows last year's celebrated 'Killing Ghosts' with a new full-length album on Home Normal. Falling Backwards promises more of Murray's trademark hushed, creeping and haunting ambience but with an increased sense of intimacy this time. The record relates his personal childhood memories and...view item »

James Murray
Heavenly Waters

With a slew of releases on his own Slowcraft label as well as Home Normal, Ultimae and Voxxov, and having already released two albums in 2017, London based ambient/downtempo artist James Murray (Tetherdown...view item »

James Murray
Floods Returned

After a couple of albums on Home Normal, Ultimae, and Voxxov british ambient artist James Murray returns to his own Slowcraft label with this gorgeous limited CD. Slow unfolding ambience that has the ethereal uplifting qualities of Brian Eno’s Apollo, chords and notes are near impossible actually ...view item »

James Murray
Killing Ghosts

James Murray makes music that sometimes sounds like the ghosts of techno: tracks that might once have moved bodies on a dancefloor have been diffused and reduced so thoroughly that they now inhabit a wholly different space. Killing Ghosts is a suite of those ambient remnants....view item »

ASUNA + Stijn Hüwels + Dudal + James Murray + Hybernation

Here is a memento of sorts from the last London show put on by House Normal: the title 100616 refers to the date. Each artist performing contributed some exclusive material, so there is never-before-heard stuff from Stijn Hüwels, James Murray, Dudal, Hybernation an...view item »

James Murray
Mount View

James Murray keeps it personal on his new album Mount View. The album completes a trio of albums that reflect his own life, the other two being Floods and The Land Bridge. Not only is the artwork designed by James, but the CD-packages themselves have been hand-constructed by the artist...view item »

James Murray
The Land Bridge

James Murray is a musician out of Wales who produces an unhurried, deeply personal, resonant take on where electronic music meets cinematic soundscapes. The tracks are based around very simple notes picking out melodies like someone would pluck at a loose thread on their cardigan. Fizzy synths provide a backgro...view item »

James Murray

I quite like this guy. He's an artist I respect and admire. I reckon he's a bit like a modern day Mike Oldfield.Do I own any of his records? No. Do I listen to his music? No, but the fact that he's doing it and he's out there is enough for me. He grew up on a Welsh flood...view item »

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