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Dan Deacon
Rat Film (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Everyone knows Dan Deacon for his good-time party music and his all-in-it-together live show, but here he takes a different tack, providing a soundtrack to the movie Rat Film. Said soundtrack involves lots of electronics, but also player-piano and sounds and data derived from rats running around in a theremin enclosure!...view item »

Dan Deacon
Gliss Riffer

Following up on the release of his mammoth ensemble recordings ‘Bromst’ and ‘America’, virtuoso casio warrior/genius Dan Deacon seems to have reverted back to a simpler, more economical way of writing and recording for this self produced release ‘Gliss Riffer’. His music is as pioneering and heroic as ever....view item »

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon is back with another great album this time called "America". This album is one of his most consistent albums yet and features many new twists and turns in his sound. As soon as the intro to the fist song starts you are taken into the experimental and mad world of Dan Deacon. The writing on the album can vary but mainly touches on the ...view item »

Dan Deacon
Woof Woof EP

I love this Dan Deacon single and I'm curious as to why it's taken so long for it to get an official release in the UK. It features about as much hyperactive creativity as you could possibly fit into one single. It features probably the wonkiest, most fantastic bass line I've ever heard in my days on this Earth and I like it very much. It has ma...view item »

Dan Deacon

OK, first thing I notice about Dan Deacon's follow up to the inspired 'Spiderman of the Rings' is that 'Bromst' is massive in scope, gigantic some would say. It seems to the way to go in 2009!!! Big, bigger, MASSIVE! This record is epic and is definitely the sound of a man who is willing to up the ante and join the indie rock elite securing his pla...view item »

Dan Deacon
Silly Hat vs Egale Hat

Dan Deacon, is, of course, one of the brightest stars on the experimental pop scene nowadays, but where did he start out? Well, this is one of a couple of releases this week that want to tell you, in staggering and some might say unnecessary detail, about this particular visionary's roots. The first of this doubl...view item »

Dan Deacon/ Adventure
Dan Deacon/ Adventure

Whenever I've heard Dan Deacon before I've thought that his stuff's just like the "where's the ice-cream" bit on Nathan Barley only worse, and without the element of parody. To be honest, this 12" isn't quite as bad as I was expecting and I'm sort of enjoying it on some weird level. The first one's sort of like Lightning Bolt playing...view item »

Dan Deacon, Foals, Noah & The Whale, Various
Counterpart- Issue 1

V/A: 'Counterpart' DVDr Issue #1 Includes four postcards and a little comic with tracks, interviews and footage from Bolt Action Five, Dan Deacon, Dockers MC, Envelopes, Foals, Gay Against You, Lost Penguin, Micaahu, Mika Miko, Noah and the Whale, Peggy Sue and the Pirates, Sleeping States, The Train Chronicles.Nice little DVD mag special thing to ...view item »

Dan Deacon
The Crystal Cat

Here's some copies of a Dan Deacon European tour 7" on Car Park. 'The Crystal Cat' is it's name and it has the best press release I've ever read. Read it on the site! It starts off sounding like Stereolab with some moogy style motorik kraut chuggy thing and then goes all bonkers to the point where it makes me laugh. Anything that mak...view item »