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Nick Nicely
All Along The Watchtower

Here, Nick Nicely covers the Dylan/Hendrix classic, All Along The Watchtower for Fruits de Mer. It's a modern psych take from Nicely and he backs it with his own original track, Doors of Perception. It's a solid addition to the Fruits de Mer catalogue of heavy psych and freak-out.
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  • Nick Nicely

Nick Nicely
Sleep Safari

Especially for fans of 'sleep' and 'safaris', Nick Nicely sets his new album Sleep Safari free to the world. This time, the 'psych legend' delves deeper into electronics while he keeps keeping on to weave a tapestry of psych-pop gold. None other than Clash Magazine have declared Nicely, 'profoundly psychedelic'. The new record speaks (softly) of unconsciousness, semiconsciousness and surreality. Dare to dream. Multiple formats on Tapete.

Nick Nicely
49 Cigars

Nick Nicely first released 49 Cigars in 1980, as the B-side to the single Hilly Fields. But now the B-side gets promoted to the A-side of a 7" all of it's very own! Supporting it are two tracks from a newer album, one of which has been remixed by Nick himself. Grand space-pop released on the Fruits de Mer label.

Nick Nicely
Space Of A Second

One of the few people on earth who kinda deserves the tag ‘Legendary’, Nick Nicely burst onto the scene in 1982 with a remarkable sound which married Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd with synth-pop and the electronic pulse of Neu, Kraftwerk and Suicide. A sound that any baked psych band of note today would consider de rigeur but just imagine what it sounded like then. His single 'Hilly Fields' was and is one of the most remarkable and sinister pieces of music ever comitted to tape. Believe me  - check it.  But things didn't quite work out in the music biz for Mr Nicely and its only recently with the advent of re-issue culture has his music been rediscovered with the likes of Burger records and Captured Tracks have re-issues his stuff bringing it to a whole new audience.  I can't tell from the press notes whether this is a 'new' album or an album of unreleased tracks. Whatever it is its bound to be interesting. It contains 14 tracks ranging from shoegaze bliss to lo-fi baroque psychedelia and even contains a reworking of 'Hilly Fields'.