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Damien Jurado
Rehearsals for Departure

The 1999 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Rehearsals For Departure is Jurado’s second full-length, and rather more (indie) folky than his debut. Each song feels long lived-in and heavy with melancholy, although Jurado...view item »

Damien Jurado
Ghost of David

The 2000 album from Damien Jurado is back back back in the form of vinyl and cassette reissues on Sub Pop. Ghost Of David is Jurado’s third full-length, and it finds the man shedding a lot of the indie folky textures of the previous album in favour of some spiky indie guitars. Just as effective at...view item »

Damien Jurado
The Horizon Just Laughed

Damien Jurado’s thirteenth LP - and the first one he’s produced all by himself - doesn’t see the Seattle-based artist messing with the formula too much. The Horizon Just Laughed is a record of lovely singer-songwriter stuff from a man with a tale or two to tell. Fans of his previous work, as well as th...view item »

Damien Jurado
Visions of Us on the Land

Damien Jurado is a folk-ish kind of artist who is comfortable with revealing his most private feelings in his intimate songs. Visions of Us on the Land is available in 3 formats, of escalating scale. There is the CD, the double LP, or the triple LP, which adds an LP of demos. All on Secretly Canadian....view item »

Damien Jurado
Caught In The Trees

Damien Jurado is known for writing lo-fi, folky songs dealing in betrayal, heartbreak and other such problems. “Caught in the Trees” then, is a bit different. Whilst he has always been a writer of sublime melodies, he usually keeps things very low-key. It opens with the glorious up-tempo “Gil...view item »

Damien Jurado & Richard Swift
Other People's Songs Volume One

Damien Jurado and Richard Swift first worked together on Jurado’s Saint Bartlett album. Since then they’ve formed an artistically successful partnership and recorded Jurado’s Maraqopa trilogy of albums. Around the time they first met, they recorded a bunch of covers together on a 4-track, rewo...view item »

Damien Jurado
Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Did I miss the memo or something? Was I asleep when Jurado turned from lo-fi troubador to Cosmic American trailblazer? This is a really stunning effort which sits up there with the great and the good of psychedelic American music. From David Crosby to Fleet Foxes and back again...view item »

Damien Jurado

I've seen this name about approximately 1734 times whilst rolling around deliriously in the dank mists of the Norman stockroom in the 11 years I've worked here and this is honestly the first time I've ever sat down and seriously listened to this person or band known as Damien Jurado. I'm not sure whether I actually really like this st...view item »

Damien Jurado
Saint Bartlett

A reverb and hazy vibe are kind of at odds with some of the music for me on this, although I do like some tracks and how of their own time they sound. I'm more a fan of past records, though this is not bad by any means. I certainly would not start here if you are just getting into the artist. His other records are more consistent on the whole an...view item »

Damien Jurado
And Now That I'm In Your Shadow

I have an Edward Hopper picture on my wall, “Gas”, it’s called. It depicts a desolate gas station on a lonely American road with only the attendant in sight. Looking at that and listening to this album just seems to fit. The penultimate track is even called “Gas Station”. This is one of Jurado’s most sparse al...view item »

Damien Jurado
Just In Time For Something

Excellent new single from Damien Jurado which is recorded live to salvaged 1/4 tape which gives the songs a lovely lo-fi feel - like they have just been rescued from a dusty vault. Its like a slightly straighter take on the lo-fi folky blues of Charlie Parr. Cross this with the sound of Neil Young playing two fields away an...view item »

Damien Jurado
On My Way To Absence

Damien Jurado makes bleak music. oh so bleak...... Well his new album is a little more uplifting than usual with strings, female vocals and a general more uplifting feel to it. It's still pretty miserable by most folks standards and the majority of people would probably feel like ending it all after hearing this but I rather enjoyed it. ...view item »

Damien Jurado
Where Shall You Take Me?

Damien Jurado, when on form, is a force to be reckoned with. He is on form on “Where Shall You Take Me?” as he ploughs a furrow between Jason Molina and Neil Young’s more tender moments. “Omaha” is one of those songs that makes your heart sing and break at the same time – despite the lyrics not necessarily being of that nature – absol...view item »

Damien Jurado, Giardini Di Miro, Various
Vol 4 Pet Series (Fish!)

Those snazzy Pet Series comp CDs on Volkoren have a new volume to add to their ranks, this time with a decidedly fishy theme. Giardini Di Nemo (sic) win title of the week with 'Rene? This is melancholic hip-wop', all classic post rock shapes & dreampop twinkles with other featured haddock numbering the likes of ...view item »

Songs; Ohia, Mark Kozelek, Damien Jurado, Various
Another Country 2

Damien Jurado
Holding His Breath

Staying on an indie tip I have before me a new 5 track CD E.P. by Damien Jurado on Acuarela, the likkle Spanish label wot puts out limited, nicely packaged E.P.s by indie bands. Like, state the fucking obvious why don't I!!?? Anyway, this is mournful alt-country stuff in the vein of BP Billy, Appendix...view item »

Damien Jurado
I Break Chairs

Damien Jurado is one of those respected singer songwriter types on Secretly Canadian. His new CD (ask for it by name from Norman Records) starts really well. The second song sounds very much like Neil Young or Songs Ohia and is hugely impressive. I think maybe the record tails off ...view item »