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Subheim Vinyl, CD & tapes by Subheim at Norman Records

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Monolog & Subheim

Subheim and Monolog get involved with each other for this collaboration on Denovali. Conviction blends together sweet electronic ambiences and firm drum machines, creating an interesting hybrid that is at times intentionally wrong-footing. It’s both soft and hard, tender and fierce: a genuine collaboration. Heavyweight vinyl edition from Denovali.
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  • Subheim


If you're looking to close your eyes and be taken on a vivid, progressive sonic journey, there are few records more suitable than this. Berlin-based electronic producer Subheim presents his brand of distinguished and beautifully crafted ambient/downtempo music, with 2016 EP Trails. Expect worldly soundscapes, haunting vocal samples and an eclectic array of instrumentation. Released as Vinyl LP on the Denovali label.


Subheim is a Berlin based electronic musician. His music mixes deep electronics and acoustic elements. Foray is a patchwork of field recordings, slowly evolving beats, echoing vocals and spellbinding melodies. Subheim has a wide-range of influences. Genres from ambient to techno, drone to lo-fi, post-rock to trip-hop have made their mark on Foray. Much of the music on here has been sourced from tireless experimentation with samples, and is true to Subheim’s oeuvre.