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RhytonVinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records


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7/10 according to our Jamie

Psych rock! Yes! Can I get a hell yes? OK. Weirdly-tuned electric guitar within a jazzily shifting time signature -- the drummer and the rubbery bass man are really good, as is the guitarist obviously -- are my first impressions of this record. It’s Brooklyn’s Rhyton -- a three-piece of leading experimentalists and improvisers; of course they are -- with their new Redshift LP. Thril…view full details.

Navigating By Starlight

4 people love me. Be the 5th...

7/10 according to our Robin

Space is the place, in moderation. There’s so much of it and I think it’s best consumed at a piecemeal pace: that’s why I’m all about being a living thing on a particular planet, because if I had all of the galaxy at once I think I’d stress out. All this agoraphobic chit-chat is to say that I’m glad space-rockers Rhyton have decided to release a 12” wit…view full details.


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8/10 according to our Robin

It’s weird how groovy noise is sometimes. Take Rhyton’s “Siren In Byblos”, which starts with oscillating, screaming guitar strokes that make you reach for your earbuds when your headphones are in, before locking into a nice bass rhythm and a kindly dad rock riff. The word I’m looking for here is “somehow”. You know that old adage about camels going thro…view full details.


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8/10 according to our Mike

Well, Thrill Jockey are certainly kicking out the psych jams this week...here's a pretty limited little number (500 LPs, 200 CDs) from brand new Brooklyn psych/improv trio Rhyton. As is to be expected in such musically fertile grounds, these chaps are all veterans of some sort of another from the likes of No-Neck Blues Band and Psychic I…view full details.

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