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Dakota Suite & Dag Rosenqvist
What Matters Most

A slow, haunting new LP from Dakota Suite here. What Matters Most sees DS auteur Chris Hooson join forces with Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) and former collaborator Emanuele Errante (Elem). With Hooson taking up the singer-songwriter's archetypal comp...view item »

Dakota Suite & Vampillia
The Sea Is Never Full

Vampillia describe themselves as a “brutal orchestra”, which is very promising for their work with the UK’s Dakota Suite. This large-ensemble, long-in-the-making collaboration moves from post-rock to throat singing to unsettled ambience to neo-classical, but each aspect feels convincingly part ...view item »

Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq

This will haunt you. It’s an album of Dakota Suite and pianist Quentin Sirjacq reworking some of the nicest bits of the Dakota Suite's bleak but beautiful back catalogue. A simple and pure set of piano and vocal arrangements composed on the twosomes Japan tour of 2015. Unfold your hanky's and ge...view item »

Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante
The North Green Down

The North Green Down from Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante is a graceful blend of solo piano, cello and ambient electronic elements. The artists came together after a personal loss, which themes the album, but the gorgeous arrangements and subtle electronic processing strike an uplifting tone. This limited do...view item »

Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq
There Is Calm To Be Done

Get out your hankies! Thoughtful music makers Dakota Suite are back this week with a new collaboration with Quentin Sirjacq, which in contrast to recent Dakota Suite work centres around mostly vocal tracks. Ploddy modern folk ballads, piano-led with breathy defeated vocals and surprising little arrangement details and of course the heartbreak-...view item »

Dakota Suite
The Night Just Keeps Coming In

That last Dakota Suite album was lush. So much so our Brett proclaimed himself as ecstatic about it and he rarely gets ecstatic about anything (unless it's about Rose....). I guess Machinefabriek, Peter Broderick, Jasper Leyland, Hauschka, Deaf Centre, Arve Henricksen, Greg Haines, Hannu, Tape, Swod, The Boats, Jacaszek, Loscil, Emmanuele Erran...view item »

Dakota Suite
An Almost Silent Life

Dakota Suite are nothing if not prolific these days. Its hard to imagine but there was a time not so long ago they didn’t release any albums at all. This one comes in the usual distinct and beautiful packaging but the music contained within is much more varied than their recent output a...view item »

Dakota Suite
Accompanying Music From Other Rooms

Not massively familiar with much Dakota Suite music. Chris Hooson and co. have been a staple feature of the dreaded Norman stockroom since its very inception but because of the brittle, tender, downbeat and sensitive nature of the majority of their out...view item »

Dakota Suite
The Hearts Of Empty

What an interesting career trajectory Dakota Suite have had. Originally a Leeds-based guitar pop band initially with Stone Roses like influences, the band only took off when guitarist Chris Hooson took over vocal duties and they morphed into a golden American Music Club countryish out...view item »

Dakota Suite, David Darling & Quentin Sirjacq

If I had to review a Dakota Suite album I'd probably be a little nervous. The man Hooton has been known to darken our doors on several occasions as Phil has been flogging his wares quietly, yet consistently for nigh on 15 years. If I was to review the new Dakota Suite album I'd not know what to expect, their sleeves are normally very bleak, spor...view item »

Dakota Suite
The End of Trying

Dakota Suite have been around a while but The End of Trying is the first time I've actually heard them and I'm super impressed. I kind of thought from the name they'd be like Gomez or Calexico or something, music for people who wear brown cords, but they're actually almost totally neoclassical. Phil's just informed me that the guy behind the...view item »

Dakota Suite
Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl

Nooooooow its DAKOTA SUITE with their new album entitled "Waiting For The Dawn Through And Take Away Your Life" on Glitterhouse records. Gently gently is the order of the day. Soft vocals (male and female) sing over subtle drums, understated bass and acoustic guitar. I prefer this band when they are be...view item »

Camera Obscura, Dakota Suite, Various
Sunsets &; Silhouettes

A compilation then... First one be Sunsets & Silhouettes featuring folks like Camera Obscura, Dakota Suite, Fiel Garvie, Goldrush, Mark Gardener (tee hee),  Pinkie, Linda Draper, Autumn Leaves, 6th Great Lake etc etc. You get the idea. Good. Cos it is good.... ...view item »

Postal Service, Dakota Suite, Various
Houston Party 5

Dakota Suite/ Idaho

Out now on Misplaced Music is a split 7" between Dakota Suite and Idaho. The Dakota Suite side is splendid. Two tracks - one mournful acoustic pop in a Red House Painters vein the other an absolutely gorgeous slab of Rachels like chamber piano music - lovely. ...view item »

Placebo, Dakota Suite, Various