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Black Mecha

Black Mecha is the most recent incarnation of the black metal rooted noise monger Fortress Crookedjaw (Sean B. Campbell) of aural terrifiers Wold. Whilst still very much harking from the black metal world, Black Mecha focuses more on electronics, imagine Ildjarn with a modular synth. Still horrible, and almost zero production values. Dark, distorted, analogue fury.


Evil, hissing and ear-crackling black metal is on offer from 'Postsocial', a record that comes out of the genre's hallmarks but makes them even more extreme -- this is, if anything, harsh noise, a wall of impenetrable noise and a collection of wind tunnels blocking out any melody and leaving behind nothing more than an onslaught of piercing vocals. Wold continue to abstract black metal beyond the point of return.

Black Mecha
I.M. Mentalizing

Produced by Fortress Crookedjaw, member of extreme blackened noise duo Wold releases his solo moniker Black Mecha on the Profound Lore label alongside acts such as Merzbow and Leviathan. Although similarly overbearing, I.M. Mentalizing is a bizarre mix of power electronics, black metal, pushed through a minimalist scope.