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Of Snowdonia & Something Bells

While Daedelus might now have built a whole scene in his image, back in the early 2000s he was still working towards that whole mad-genius post-bap thing. 2003’s Of Snowdonia LP, and the shorter Something Bells that was released the following year, both represent significant steps in his artistic progress...view item »

Baker's Dozen: Daedelus

The most psychedelic man in hip hop finally gets invited for his Baker’s Dozen. Daedelus crafts the 5th volume in the series, only available on vinyl LP, with twelve tracks of luscious, imaginative and soulful instrumental hip hop. The packaging is reliably gorgeous too, with photos of the man’s workspace ...view item »

Kneebody + Daedelus

Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint is constantly upping the ante when it comes to fusing deep electronic production and the freedom of jazz playing. Here Jazz quintet Kneebody pair up with equally face-paced and ever changing producer Daedelus. Aptly titled Kneedleus their two worl...view item »

The Light Brigade

Daedelus makes joyous IDM informed by a myriad genres: be it jazz, downtempo, instrumental hip hop, he's swimming in it. This makes him a pretty ideal candidate for Brainfeeder, the spontaneous hybrid-lover record label fronted by Flying Lotus. On this record, Daedelus takes a serious turn, the record attempting to document the scenes of the Cri...view item »

Righteous Fists of Harmony

I like the sleeve to this. It's like a Twinsistermoon sleeve or something. The music couldn't be any further away though. It's released on a new label called Brainfeeder set up by some fella called Flying Lotus. Not heard of him but apparently he's like some huge martial arts guru who can fly. I saw him on telly last week and I couldn't believe my ...view item »

For Withered Friends

Fuck me, Daedelus has somehow got Michael Jackson to stop tickling toddler todgers to lay down a vox on this 'For Withered Friends' 12"/7" on Ninja Tune. Phil says he's reviewed this already but I've got an angle here so fuck him. Surprisingly for the label this is a bright, breezy bit of indie poptronica that totally hits the mark. It's good mood ...view item »

Make It So

Listening to a promo the other week of the latest Daedelus album on Ninja Tune was a real hit and miss experience. sadly The track they've chosen as the single 'Make It So' was one of the weaker moments for me personally but probably the most commercially viable for the label, hence the choice. It features a vocal from Michael Johnson. There's an e...view item »

Fair Weather Friends

Here's a limited 12" by Daedelus called 'Fair Weather Friends'. This dude is one of the better acts on Ninja Tune these days. His brand of hip hop fuelled beats and samples is normally well entertaining. That last collab he did with MF doom (Impending Doom) was great. Even I took one!! This new one has a moogy feel to it over some nice clappy ...view item »

Eight Frozen Modules, Edit, Daedelus, Various
Business Card

Daedelus, Cut Chemist, Dntel, Various
The Sound of La Vol 1

Impending Doom

What next my little puddings.......New Daedelus 12" on Ninja Tune called Impending Doom!! I almost wrote Ninja Tuna then which is seriously a much better label name than Ninja Tune. I Think if you're reading this  Ninja folks you should really think about change the name. This is a cracking EP an...view item »

Exquisite Corpse

New album from Daedelus to carefully place in your backpack before putting on in the background while you entertain yourself by doing something else. Yes this is great  - I love it but it is background music. It fiddles and flits around not doing much of anything but sounding very nice in a vaguely hip hop kind of way. Nothing real...view item »

Daedelus, Freeform, L Vibert, Various
Advanced Public Listening 01

The Household EP

Enough ROCK now. Let's have something all the more beguiling. Let's try Daedelus and his new 6 track 12"/CDs on Eastern Developments. Called the Household E.P this is a spine tingling kaleidoscope of electronic avant hip- hop and sample-tastic collage. A vast array of amazing orchestral sou...view item »