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Criminally underrated in their original incarnation in the Eighties, Neil Arthur’s Blancmange return with the outfit’s ninth studio album since its reactivation at the beginning of the 2010s, and 12th overall. Recorded at Benge’s Memetune Studios in Cornwall, Mindset shows why Blancmange has been so influential on so many big electronic acts in recent years, but keeps things sharp and contemporary. 

Kincaid ft. Blancmange
Late For Sum

Father-son collaborations aren’t too common in pop, but the creative bond between Joe Arthur (Kincaid) and his dad Neil Arthur (frontman of English ‘80s synth-pop act Blancmange) is so compelling that they’ve decided to release a six-track mini-album together, following the warm reception given to single ‘Big Fat Head’ earlier this year. Late For Sum includes the original and remixed title track, plus four remixes Kincaid has delivered for Blancmange over the last couple of years. 

The Blanc Tapes

Limited edition 6xLP box-set of the first three studio albums by English synth-pop artists Blancmange, originally released on CD only a couple of years back. Remastered and packaged in three 2xLP albums, each of Happy Families (1982), Mange Tout (1984) and Believe You Me (1985) come with bonus tracks, demos and extended versions. 


It's a new album from the always forward-looking synth-pop duo Blancmange -- Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe. Wanderlust follows last year's wistful opus 'Unfurnished Rooms' but with a new energy approaching something like anger, mixed with a sense of dislocation. The albums consists of ten songs written by Arthur which he co-produced with Benge, after the success of their 'First Light' LP together as Fader in 2017. My, these guys are on fire right now. Wanderlust is available on LP or on CD via Blanc Check Records.

Near Future
Ideal Home

‘80s electro-poppers Blancmange are still going, who knew! Neil Arthur, now the only member has collaborated with Bernholz, an electronic artist who performs solo and as part of Gazelle Twin, as Near Future. Ideal home is a minimal, glacial, remote and quite beautiful album which has developed slowly between the pair over a couple of years. LP and CD on Blanc Check Records.

Unfurnished Rooms

New material from 80s synth pop mavericks Blancmange. These days they just consist of singer Neil Arthur helped out by producer extraordinaire Benge (John Foxx, Gazelle Twin). Here the duo mine a rich and fertile stream of electronic rock and are helped out by uber fan John Grant who sings and plays piano. 

First Light

Fader is a new band made up of two well versed electro synth stalwarts Neil Arthur (Blancmange/Near Future) and Ben Edwards (Benge/John Foxx And The Maths). Their debut album First Light brings a refined 80s sound which has the cold atmospherics of Joy Division and a theatrical yet stern vocal performance.

Semi Detached

Blancmange’s fifth album release ‘Semi-Detached’ is the first record from the British, eighties synth-poppers without the involvement of long term collaborative partner Stephen Luscombe. With it’s roots firmly planted in the sterling company of synth pioneers and hitmakers such as Soft Cell and Depeche Mode, ‘Semi-Detached’ marks a progression into new territory with this stripped down, edgy record that is musically both ecstatic and devastated as well as being very personal lyrically without losing any of the characteristically dark humour of their earlier records.

Happy Families Too

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Irene & Mavis EP

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