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Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough

The Clavin sisters straighten themselves out for their third Bleached album, appropriately titled Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough. That struggle for sobriety has led to some of the group’s most honest writing yet, with former Vampire Weekend producer Shane Stoneback ensuring they’ve lost none of their melodic precision. 

Can You Deal?

Bleached are a band built around a pair of sisters based in the teeming metropolis of Los Angeles. Their music is brimming over with femme energy, mixing the sweet melodies of classic pop with a tough rock bite. Can You Deal? is a bold set of four new tracks, released on 12” white vinyl by the Dead Oceans label.

Welcome The Worms

Bleached return with a follow-up to their sun-kissed debut Ride Your Heart. The rough, and gratifyingly old fashioned, garage of their debut is much the same, but when you have a great melodic and abrasive sound why change it? But Welcome To The Worms is also more ambitious, with great songwriting and vocals.

For The Feel

LA siblings the Clavin sisters have a new punky sun-dappled record out containing three tracks sleeved within a brilliant picture of an arse. It looks like an old photo so I'm unsure whether this is the arse of either sister, one of their friends arses, mad Auntie Dora's arse or just some random arse from a vintage photo archive. It's a nice arse all said and done, much nicer than mine. Not too sure about the dodgy heavy rock denim but being that it spells the band's name I'd surmise that this was an appropriate decision. The last track is a Damned cover so these gals, they rule in my book.