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Orchestra Of Spheres

Orchestra Of Spheres hail from New Zealand and make a kind of funk-pop-rock-afro sound not too far removed from pioneers of such sounds Talking Heads. Mirror is their fourth album for Fire Records and sees them expanding on their sound with orchestral elements and tape experiments. They are pretty way out, and it seems that they are moving further in that direction too. Alexander Tucker of Grumbling Fur and Robert Scott of legendary NZ bands The Bats and The Clean are among their celebrity fans. LP and CD on Fire Records.

Orchestra Of Spheres
Brothers and Sisters of The Black Lagoon

Orchestra of Spheres are a motley band of New Zealand psychedelics with a love for vibrant costumes that you can somehow hear in the music. Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon sees them continue their third-eye journey, although never losing their grounding in limber grooves. Out on the Fire label.

Orchestra Of Spheres
Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music

The press release for the sophomore LP from Orchestra Of Spheres describes the record as ‘a futuristic bunga-bunga party band for 22nd century boom-boom cults!!’. This phrase, the fact that the thing is called Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music, and that many people use the words ‘fuzzed’ and ‘out’ in relation to the New Zealand band should tell you if this one’s for you or not. Los Campesinos!, The Mars Volta and Animal Collective, please see me after class...