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Trevor Powers
Mulberry Violence

Not to harp on about it because he's clearly moved on but Trevor Power used to make beautifully emotive dream-pop under the name Youth Lagoon. Throughout those years Power was learning more and more about different styles of music and art, and on Mulberry Violence brings together a wide variety of ideas and sounds to create something stranger and more textural than his past work. 
  • CD (BH0012)

Youth Lagoon
Savage Hills Ballroom

Savage Hills Ballroom is a significant record for Youth Lagoon main man Trevor Powers, apparently seeing him trying to peel back both personal limits and sonic restraint. The result is a record that is deeply personal whilst also sweeping grandly through an array of electronic soundscapes, pop sensibility always at the fore.
  • CD (FP15105)
  • Vinyl LP (FP15106)

Youth Lagoon
Wondrous Bughouse

  • Vinyl Double LP (FP12931)
  • CD (FP12932)

Youth Lagoon
The Year Of Hibernation

  • Vinyl LP (FP12551)
  • CD (FP12552)