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Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin
Reverse Shark Attack

I've heard a few things by Ty Segall this year, most notable being a split with kindred spirits 'Thee Oh Sees'. I'm not sure of the origins of this Kill Shamen LP (is it new or old? I don't know) but i can tell you that it's his best recorded output to date. This may have something to do with it being a collaboration with Mikal Cronin (Okie Dokie a...view item »

Mikal Cronin

Prolific garage rock character and Ty Segall associate Mikal Cronin returns with his third proper solo record, its properness signified by the official-sounding title MCIII. It is also ‘proper solo’ in another sense, in that Cronin himself plays virtually every scrap of soun...view item »

Mikal Cronin / WAND
Soul In Motion / Screaming Eye

These Famous Class splits seem to attract some reliably high-calibre artists and this week's contributions are no exception, with Mikal Cronin and Wand sharing this disc and Fuzz and CCR Headcleaner taking the other. Cronin kicks things off then, with 'Soul In Motion' a perfect example of his seemingly effortless slacker pop. There's buzzy guita...view item »

Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin’s self-titled solo debut was one of those albums that took a while to creep up on me. What was initially just another innocuous indie-pop record has turned into a much-loved favourite with its mix of ‘90s power pop and ‘60s psychedelia. Cronin has an ability to write carefree, i...view item »

Mikal Cronin
Mikal Cronin

This may be Mikal Cronin's debut solo album but he's already made some pretty influential friends as a member of the Moonhearts - Ty Segall is twiddling knobs and John Dwyer even pitches in with a little bit of jazz-rock fusion flute playing. You've gotta say fair enough, don't you. This album kicks off with some Beach Boys style a capel...view item »

King Khan & The Shrines/Mikal Cronin
Bruise Cruise Vol. 7

Well this is an impressive pairing for this split, part of a series to commemorate some rich American indie kids watching some ace bands on a boat. I'm just jealous. I'll start with Cronin anyway...this cleanshirt was in the Moonhearts and his solo stuff to date has been really infectious garage pop with a bit of '60s jangle. His rece...view item »

Mikal Cronin

I like Mikal Cronin. His recent solo debut on Trouble In Mind (he previously recorded as part of the Moonhearts) was a totally charming slab of chunky garage pop, and we've got more of those vibes on this here 7”, with big harmonies and fuzzy guitars building up quite a head of stea...view item »