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Mirror Emperor

Hell of a prospect here: Italian noise-metal-jazz monolith band Zu and mystik English Current 93 troubadour David Tibet in collaboration. Surprisingly enough, what comes out is in many places soft, sensitive and melancholy, marshalling strings and acoustic guitars alongside Tibet...view item »

Current 93
The Stars On Their Horsies

Current 93 continue their near-40 year experimental musical journey by scoring a pair of group founder and only constant member, David Tibet’s recent nightmares. Their umpteenth album, The Stars On Their Horsies is one long song clocking in at precisely 39 minutes and 39 seconds. CD on The Spheres. ...view item »

Current 93
Swastikas For Noddy / Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God

Current 93, the perpetual post-industrial rabble rousers, have a record out named Swastikas For Noddy / Crooked Crosses For The Nodding God. Take that, childhood loves! David Tibet has no time for your sentimentalism. This 1986 double album is a classic Current 93 release, pe...view item »

Current 93
The Moons At Your Door

Brand new material from erstwhile avant-mystiks Current 93. The Moons At Your Door will accompany the anthology of David Tibet’s writings of the same name (coming soon), and contains two side-long tracks of deep mystique. CD or white vinyl edition, each version containing unique artwork by ...view item »

Coil / Current 93 / Foetus / Test Dept.
The Sound Of Progress

This is The Sound Of Progress circa 1988, as expressed by extreme and experimental artists like Coil, Current 93, Test Dept. and Foetus. Performance footage, interview footage, and footage of these chirpy fellows hanging out is all included on what appears to be the fir...view item »

Death In June
Free Tibet

If you want Neofolk, post industrial oddness with an unnerving edge, look no further than Douglas Pearce and David Tibet. Death In June and the vocal stylings of Tibet from Current 93 fame show you the ropes here. Originally released as a free download 10 years ago, this is the ...view item »

Current 93

Everyone has had a go at the old Faust legend, from Johann Goethe to F.W. Murnau to Thomas Mann. So it is no great surprise to see Current 93, who’s leader David Tibet probably sees himself on similar terms, providing their own interpretation of Faust (although apparently they get to it by an obscure 19th...view item »

Current 93

This EP from Current 93, out of print for quite some time until this reissue from Durtro / Jnana, features two versions of the Hypnagogue piece. Hypnagogue is a mystic piece of writing recited by David Tibet, accompanied by touching piano on the original version, and by orchestra in the newer version....view item »

Current 93
Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre

Some folkloric angsty fever from Current 93. Of Ruine or Some Blazing Starre is the 1994 work from the English group. Exploring the possibilities of avant-grade folk with some pretty grim themes, '93 are totally unflinching about any of their subjects. Experimenting with forms & sounds, and blending a...view item »

Current 93
I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell: Å Channel

I've got a challenge on my hands here. About half an hour to write about the new Current 93 album, which is nearly 70 minutes long. Of course you can look to the press release if you want to know who's on it, which is basically everybody from Nick Cave to John Zorn, as usual. A curs...view item »

Current 93
And When Rome Falls

One of my favourite Current 93 records of all time remains ‘Live at Teatro Iberico, Lisbon’ which was bundled with limited copies of David Keenan’s book ‘England’s Hidden Reverse’. As such, it’s sadly rare as hen’s teeth, but does represents a near perfect live reco...view item »

Current 93
HoneySuckle Æons

A 2011 suite of sound-weird from Current 93, now reissued on gold vinyl. The band’s line-up for Honeysuckle Aeons includes regulars Andrew Liles and David Tibet as well as Baby Dee and Armen Ra. The tone is mournful and introspective, and the musi...view item »

Current 93
Baalstorm, Sing Omega

Ahhhhh look at the piccie wiccie of liccle David Tibet at stonehenge as a child, and him dresses as a liccle Roman warrior ahhh bless. For this incarnation of Current 93 he's assembled an impressive line-up: James Blackshaw, Alex Neilson, Baby Dee, Eliot Bates, Andrew Liles, Melon Liles etc. All the musicians seem to gel really well to provide t...view item »

Current 93
Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain

I think everyone else in here hates Current 93. It's not hard to understand why, David Tibet's ridiculously theatrical delivery is an acquired taste to say the least (one which I've never acquired, but can just about tolerate) and the lyrics, dense with Biblical, literary and mythological references, are tough to defend against accusations of pre...view item »

Current 93
Birth Canal Blues

Furthering the narrative with Current 93. Birth Canal Blues is the 2008 offering from the English ensemble. It's stripped back setting lets the poetry take the limelight with a piano accompanying through out. The vocal delivery is dipped in some grainy effects, which adds to the DIY and ominous ...view item »

Current 93
Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor

The tracks are destined, as the title suggests, strictly for the dancefloor - from the hard industrial cyber slabs of Foetus’s reworkings to Matmos’s more house-based interpretations. ...view item »

Current 93 /Om
Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun

You know it's weeks like this that make me feel grateful I work here at the towers. I'm sure it's a riot flipping burgers for a living but you wouldn't get to listen to the CURRENT 93 / OM 'Inerrant Rays Of Infallible Sun (Blackship Shrinebuilder)' split EP. This is an essential purchase for fans of either of the bands and was previously released o...view item »

Current 93
Live At Bar Maldoror

I voted 'unmoved' because none of the other categories fitted this darkly translucent if disturbing work. It is beautifully structured. Working in the electronic medium this group have produced something structurally so right for the material one can only be in awe of their musical sense. I would have called the work darkly beautiful but it ...view item »