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Roly Porter

This is nothing like Vex'd, but it's familiar. Massive, glacial, pads enlivened by staccato beats/samples. String quartets playing in deserted iron foundries - powerful and fascinating. All the tracks are named after planets in Dune and seem to evoke the flavour of those fictional places (as someone familiar with the novel). With more character ...view item »

Roly Porter
Third Law

On Third Law, Roly Porter untethers from the experimental dance music he made with Kuedo as half of Vex’d. As he floats further into uncharted territory, what remains is vast immaculate drones, ominous organs and sub-bass pressure. This is extremely heavy music for those who like their sound design mixed with noise; think ...view item »

Roly Porter / Vatican Shadow / Kangding Ray
Violetshaped Remixes (Part One)

This is a super remix package from three heavy hitters. First up is Roly Porter (formerly of ...view item »


Griiiiiiiiiiiiiime! Mike Paradinas & AFX love it! You lot don't! Why won't you be told! IDM doesn't have to be plinky plonky chin stroke bleep bloop chunter grumble all the time! Can't you handle bowel rupturing sub-bass & razor sharp breaks or summat? Are you scared of sounding like a chav in your car? EH? Those first 2 ...view item »