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Reinhold Friedl Vinyl, CD & tapes by Reinhold Friedl at Norman Records

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Zeitkratzer Performs Songs From Kraftwerk 1 and 2

Led by Reinhold Friedl, Zeitkratzer are an ensemble of musicians who work with and reinterpret compositions by an ever reaching range of avant-garde and fringe artists. Their list of works include Lou Reed, Whitehouse, Throbbing Gristle, Stockhausen, John Cage. Now they turn their mad orchestra’s gaze upon the early works of Kraftwerk, specifically their first two albums.
  • Vinyl LP (KR035)
  • CD (ZKR021)

Reinhold Friedl
John Cage: Complete Song Books

Zeitkratzer head honcho Reinhold Friedl takes on John Cage’s 92-part work Song Books, a bizarro set of songs, instructions, Fluxus-esque performance ideas and much more besides. Friedl approaches the pieces with a serious non-seriousness, his wide array of sounds augmented by Rashad Becker’s electronics and ‘feedback cabinet’. Double LP on Karlrecords.

Reinhold Friedl
Golden Quinces, Earthed for spatialised Neo-Bechstein

Having worked with everyone from Lou Reed and Lee Ranaldo to Merzbow and Helmut Oehring, Reinhold Friedl seems to be the very definition of that old cliche, ‘the musician’s musician’. A pianist more concerned with what’s inside the piano than the keys (does that make him a percussionist?), this album sees Friedl use the last surviving Neo-Bechstein piano - it’s all in the title! - to produce drones you wouldn’t think a piano capable of.