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Unknown Mortal Orchestra Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Sex & Food

They’ve done it, then: Unknown Mortal Orchestra have found their gear and they’re staying in it for the rest of their existence. Having wowed and united our entire office with the most unlikely of things -- a funky ode to polyamorous living in sonic homage to Prince called ‘Multi-Love’ -- they here offer more of the same,...view item »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Blue Record

Having Loved UMO's first two albums I was interested to hear this record. The albums opens with "Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)" of their second album, this version of the song is great and really lets the song shine. This is followed by the track "Faded in the Morning" which is a more slower song. However the pace returns with the third track "S...view item »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra / SILICON

Brothers gotta work it out. This is the thing where the two brothers who run Unknown Mortal Orchestra and SILICON give each other the remix treatment. Both tracks are also phone related. Do you like phones? A lot of people do. Bro' UMO has made a nice job of disco-fying SILICON by adding some squelshy beats and samples from folks sp...view item »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Behold ‘Multi-Love’, wherein Unknown Mortal Orchestra get out of the psych pop game and take up a nice suburban retirement listening to Prince; wherein they forget the high-minded art practices and sing La La La La, La La La La, because it feels good; wherein their studio sounds like an open-air funk fair...view item »

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

I'm the only person in this office who doesn't seem to like Tame Impala all that much, these fellow antipodeans are more my bag. Although they appear to plough a similar furrow of hazy psychedelic pop, Unknown Mortal Orchestra seem to be the more lo-fi, interesting proposition. That could start a war, eh...view item »