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Hymn to Moisture

Something about the word moist or moisture, unless I’m talking about cake, makes me want to have a shower immediately. It’s clearly not the case for Rrose, AKA Seth Horvitz AKA Sutekh AKA Suite K with debut album, Hymn To Moisture. The experimental producer shows influences from bosses of techno such as Jeff Mills, Pan Sonic, and Plastikman along with famed electronic composers such as Eliane Radigue, Laurie Spiegel, and Phill Niblock to make an album as cerebral as it is visceral.
  • Vinyl Double LP (EAUX1391)
  • Preorder now (ships on release)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose
The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn

The multiple letter way of spelling is irritating but it's one of the few derogatory things you can say about Charlemagne Palestine. Here he collaborates with Rrose (he's at it too) for a rendition of Palestine's classic 1976 era work The Golden Mean as performed at the Festival Variations in Nantes in March 2018. Expect even more notes than letters. 

Rrose & Lucy
The Lotus Eaters II

This particular decade will probably be remembered as one where the cutting edge of techno became severely twisted. Riding the sharpest point are Rrose and Lucy, who come together on this EP to unveil a typically claustrophobic, swirling mass of dance floor disorientation. Muscular, ethereal and as sideways as you like.
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  • Rrose

Beware of Shells

‘Beware of Shells’ is a five-track EP of lysergic techno bangers from the London-based artist Rrose. These are grooves stretched way out, sprawling tracks that emphasise digital muck and writhing modulation. It’s a release that comes from her Eaux label and pursues a bloody-minded approach to the techno genre, happy to divert away from what’s commonly expected with deviations into tripping drone.

The Lotus Eaters

Please be very very careful. This is not the 1980s Lotus Eaters famous for their 'First Picture of You' single. Instead these are two techno artists Lucy and Rrose. Here the two step away from the usual techno instrumentation and use synthesized sound and feedback to generate both textural and percussive elements to their music.  

The Ends of Weather

Immaculate and spacious sound design from Seth Horvitz’s Rrose project, slow ‘n’ steady on the A side before launching into a techno stroll on the flip. Despite a consistent range of timbres, Rrose manages to raise three very different offspring here; crisp, sci-fi back alleys (‘The Smallest Footprints’), simulated outdoor soundscapes (appropriately titled ‘The Ends of Weather’) and rainforest techno, damp as dewy foliage.

For Aquantice

12” vinyl on Eaux, limited to 500 copies. A-side track Levitate sets the tone for this 12”, with its crazy, earworming polyrhythmic shuffles that just constantly evolve in a way that Mark Fell would be proud. Comparatively Vellum seems to slow, but it really hasn’t at all. All three tracks are hypnotic techno, but careful, I already feel mania coming on.

Arc Unknown

Three new tracks from Rrose, presented to the world thanks to Function’s label Infrastructure. Arc Unknown emerges from crystalline ambience into sheer late-night techno thump, raw and direct. And the two ‘Specimen’ tracks don’t mess with the program either. High-grade techno materials from the mighty Rrose.

Kangding Ray / Rrose
Ardent / Swallows

A split release between Rrose, the exciting producer known for involvement with Sandwell District, and Kangding Ray. Noisy, forward-pushing electronics are they name of the game: with Kangding’s track pushes towards the dancefloor, whereas the Rrose cut is more noisy and abstract. 12” on Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Rrose / Orphx
Summer Solstice Edition

Summer Solstice Edition is a split between 2 cutting-edge producers, Rrose and Orphx. Thrusting beat-tracks are surrounded with off-kilter oscillations and queasily-filtered synths, for a pair of pieces that are as more about texture than anything else. Released on Khemia Records as a ghost-like clear vinyl LP in a limited edition.

Vanishing Pools

Techno experimentalist Rrose presents Vanishing Pools, a five-track, 30+ minute EP that is longer than several albums I own. No matter though, these are pieces that really benefit from being able to stretch out a little. Dramatically crafted with a tight ear for texture. Vanishing Pools is released on the artist’s own imprint, Eaux.