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Intensive industrial techno from Perc. Ma proves that no matter how many electronic-noise upstarts appear Perc’s metallic EBM still rules. On this vinyl 12” the abrasive kick drums and distorted snares are also balanced by compositional nuance; subtle gamelan influences and abstract electroacoustic e...view item »

Perc + Randomer

First collaboration between Perc Trax main man Perc and Randomer. Industrialised and mechanical techno beats that push over to industrial forms but hold back enough to remain club focused. These three tracks push you but are clear and groovy enough to dance to. The kick on Flooring is particularly helli...view item »

Bitter Music

On his third album ‘Bitter Music’, Ali wells has further expanded his sound palette beyond the tried and tested techno caboodle. And no, he’s not switched over to a wall of synth modules and plastic coated copper spaghetti. Apparently he gathered sounds from a studio outside Manchester, which fro...view item »

Perc & Passarella Death Squad
Temperature's Rising

Perc and Passarella Death Squad put out their first collaboration in 2010, but they didn’t shout about it, and it's taken some of the heads a little while to catch on. Now though, the people are clamouring to own Temperature’s Rising, justifying this neat little transparent red reissue on ...view item »


First new solo Perc release in quite some time: it’s been a tough wait. But now Gob is here, three tracks of stern, hammering, noisy techno. Perc channels political anger into the seams of these dancefloor crushers, making them all the more effective. 12” with intense sleeve art on the man&r...view item »

Danny Passarella and Perc

David Cronenberg’s classic film Videodrome continues to creepily resonate in contemporary culture. The latest artists to take it on are visual and sound artist Danny Passarella and stern techno man Perc. The pair have created five pieces of uneasy, erotically-charged atmospheres, ...view item »

The Power & The Glory

Is there a dark hard industrial techno renaissance? I dunno. It’s always been there, I just think it's finally getting more press and attention as artists and labels are able to promote themselves better these days due to tools like Twitter and SoundCloud and the existence of sites like Resident Advisor who are incidentally streaming &lsqu...view item »

Perc / Sawf / Truss / Drvg Cvlture
10 Years of Perc Trax EP 02

Mainstay of dark techno, UK label Perc Trax has hit 10 and is celebrating by releasing a two-disc compilation and three vinyl EPs. This, the third of the series, features new tracks (er, trax?) from better known names Perc and Truss, alongside Sawf (a favourite of label boss Perc himself) and ...view item »

Kareem / Perc
10 Years of Perc Trax EP 03

Happy tenth birthday to the techno heads of Perc Trax eh? Perc and co. have already released a CD compilation to commemorate the occasion, but given the style of music we are dealing with here, this music obviously deserves a vinyl release too, for the DJs / heads. This is the third vinyl release from the set, featuring ...view item »

Perc & Truss
Two Hundred

Total paranoia from Perc & Truss. Two Hundred is an example of the dark depths of the mind. The A side begins with a loop of what sounds like a green grocer over some sketchy monolithic techno madness. The second track is pure industrial vibrations with some alien electronics that lets ...view item »

The Power and the Glory Remixes

Perc's politically furious, David Cameron-kicking, techno crossover release 'The Power and the Glory' came out earlier this year on his own deep house label. Now it's getting the remix treatment with this three-track 12" release, which features Tessela's take on "Take Your Body Off" and reworks by Untold and Clouds. ...view item »

Perc & Einst├╝rzende Neubauten

Ginger scouser Cilla black sung “Life is full of surprises”. Well there are no surprise surprises here - when you read the names Perc and Einstürzende Neubauten on the same page you pretty much know what you’re getti...view item »

Perc & Truss

You can pretty much guarantee when you get this pair of nutters together on wax there's gonna be some carnage. What we have here are three cuts all recorded live in a single take with no edits. Opener 'Clapacid' has a brutal slammer of a kick with filtered 909 claps, spewing caustic acid and oldskool piano Vamp. This is destined to wreck a few h...view item »

Wicker & Steel

Impressive debut album from Perc, AKA Alistair Wells, whose label and productions are highly revered within the tough dark techno community. The album begins with a spooked ambient score and pitched down dialogue talking about creativity. Then straight into a jack hammer off kilter machine rhythm on 'My Head Is ...view item »