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Fixation / White Walls EP

Children of Invada the KVB have released two very good records of sub-industrial musings in the last two years and continue their gothic pursuits herein with ‘Fixation / White Walls’, an EP mirage of new tunes and several remixes. Opening on the deeply plunged, sonically deep fried “Fixation”, the record reinforces the sh...view item »

Mirror Being

Nothing says cold and calculated like a grayscale picture of pillars holding up a huge empty room, so props to the KVB for accurately prefacing their record. As someone who hates pillars and considers them arbitrary to our particular office’s structure, I’m relieved that this record is everything you could possibly want from our favo...view item »

Minus One

"They're meant to be the new Jesus and Mary Chain or something" said Phil. Bollocks they are. There's much more to this album than that. OK, it's pretty clear that Nick Wood - aka 'Klaus Von Barrel' in earlier times, heh - and Kat Day have probably played Psychocandy a good few times in their li...view item »

Total Immersion / Total Immersion (The KVB Remix)

First up: buyer beware. This is not the TV-am that launched breakfast telly onto an unsuspecting British public in 1981. Instead this is one man Joe Oxley making kraut rock that sounds like a band at play. It is a pulsing and pulsating six minute stab at the two note drones churned out by the likes of Neu over the years...view item »


Saccades is in fact Nicholas Wood, he of The KVB. When that band took a break last summer, Wood snuck in a bit of recording time in order to craft his debut solo record, and now here it is! Compared to his other work, Saccades is brighter, dreamier and poppier, very eff...view item »

Out Of Body

After their last LP ‘Always Then’ on Clan Destine sold out pressing after pressing, and the follow-up on Anton Newcombe’s A imprint dazzled both our Nath and the customers brave enough to submit their own opinions, “Klaus Von Barrel”’s The KVB are back this week with a short but sweet EP, recorded in Berlin la...view item »

Of Desire

When he’s not tweeting swears at injustices, Geoff Barrow is putting out music, and you’d better believe he likes the KVB, a prolific duo who themselves are partial to synths, propulsion and talk-whispering. Their last record, ‘Mirror Being’, was a tone poem of taut industrial beats and metallic ambience, though listening...view item »

Always Then

Well, there's a lot of this rumbling bleak new-wave stuff going around at the moment and this lot are particularly excellent at encapsulating that grainy, listless yet implicitly determined mood which kind of suits our current times eh? The KVB rack up somewhere between a lo-fi shoegaze Joy Di...view item »

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