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Loke Rahbek
City Of Women

Posh Isolation bossman and the mind behind Croatian Amor / Damien Dubrovnik is here presenting a full-length album under his own name for the first time. City Of Women pulls in many of Loke Rahbek’s aesthetic concerns, with aspects of twisted pop, melodic classical instrumentation...view item »

Croatian Amor
The World

The 2013 debut album of Croatian Amor, one of the main musical projects of Posh Isolation main-man Loke Rahbek. The World finds Loke playing around with moody drama, using synths, unidentified noises (vocals?) and, perhaps more surprisingly, melodic guitars to carry the listener through...view item »

Croatian Amor
Love Means Taking Action

Croatian Amor is one of many projects helmed by Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation. It leans away from the sharp noise he often dabbles in, instead presenting some pretty shimmery synth songs. Love Means Taking Action  is a joint release between Posh Isolation and Luke Younger’s A...view item »

Lust For Youth

Lust for Youth are a Danish three-piece from Copenhagen. They started life as a solo project for Hannes Norrvide but have since expanded into a trio. Their new album, Compassion provides a balearic-infused soundtrack to the city’s nights. The album includes their 2015 hit Better Looking Brother. ...view item »

Lust For Youth

Is this an 80’s re-issue thing? No its a modern group from now. Opener ‘Epoetin Alfa’ (uh?) is a swirl of early 80’s dark synth textures with that wracked vocal quiver, like something terrible has happened to this singer, such as his raincoat has trailed in a particularly murky puddle. Its good though, all icy Germanic te...view item »

Lust For Youth & Croatian Amor

Here's a collaborative LP from two Danish upstarts, Hannes Norvide and Loke Rahbek, probably best known for their albums on Sacred Bones with their respective Lust for Youth and Var projects. On this LP they're taking a much less rocky approach, producing a series of drifty ambient synth pieces infused with a bit of gothy darkness. At ti...view item »

Lust For Youth
Perfect View

Hot on the heels of last years excellent Growing Seeds Sweden's Lust for Youth are back with latest offering Perfect View. Synths breaking through on balmy Scandanavian 80s soundscape opener 'I Found Love' accompanied by deadpan vocal delivery and hypnotic drum beat. Next up is...view item »

Lust For Youth
Chasing The Light 1

Chasing the light is straight out of the 80's with a banging bass line reminiscent of the great band Visage. The vocals are applied with heavy reverb and delay and the production is purposely sloppy and distorted. Along with this song on the EP there is a remix of Chasing the light along with a New Order like club...view item »

Lust For Youth
Growing Seeds

Oh bloody hell here come the goths again. My mate used to come to Leeds just to go goth spotting and believe me, there was a fair amount of the pasty-faced miserablists shuffling around back in the ‘80s. I think they stay in their caves more of late, Leeds is a bit too cosmopolitan ...view item »

Lust For Youth
Solar Flare

This record is full of analog synths, distorted synths and dark vocals. Tracks like 'Solar Flare' and 'Black Death' are standouts which showcase the breathtaking and chaotic synths and gritty production. This could be filed next to witch-house acts like 'White Ring' and 'Salem'. This i...view item »

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