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Blanck Mass
Animated Violence Mild

Benjamin Power returns one more time as Blanck Mass with the enticingly titled Animated Violence Mild. Since making the switch from dense ambience to something more industrial after the Fuck Buttons man's solo debut, each subsequent record has gotten more noisy, more intense, and more catchy, all at the same time. Animated Violence Mild is no different, with Power reaching for sound as varied as black metal, hardcore, and europop. 

Blanck Mass
D7 – D5

Benjamin John Power (God I want that name) of Fuck Buttons fame has carved more than his own solo path with Blanck Mass. Debut released on Mogwai’s Rock Action and a pummeling second album on Sacred Bones. This single was original released on the adult swim singles series, and has been pressed on a limited single sided with etching 12”.

Blanck Mass
World Eater

Previously best known as being one-half of the overbearing electronics duo Fuck Buttons Benjamin John Power has carved his own name with his Blanck Mass moniker. World Eater is his third full length (2nd on Sacred Bones) under the name, and he shifts wildly between releases, but always with steroid pumped power behind it, with the leading track Please sounding like Lapalux getting into power electronics.

Blanck Mass
No Lite (Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Dreamachine Mix)

Could Benjamin John Power ever have predicted, when starting up Fuck Buttons, that he would ever be remixed by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge? Doubt it. But here it is, Blanck Mass’ No Lite being turned into something new and alien by the Throbbing Gristle founding member herself. One-sided white label on Sacred Bones.
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Blanck Mass
Dumb Flesh

A heavy album about genetic decay from one half of Fuck Buttons, Benjamin John Power. As Blanck Mass Power has been dealing in grandiosity since 2010, notably providing the soundtrack to the 2012 Olympic Games. Dumb Flesh is just as heavy, tribal and expansive as his work with Fuck Buttons. Out on CD and vinyl double LP from Sacred Bones.