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The Men

The Drift is the seventh album in 8 years from New York’s The Men. It finds them back on Sacred Bones following a cathartic one-album hiatus. Rejuvenated and throwing everything they’ve learned during their period of re-self discovery in their new project makes The Drift a more experimental record which occasionally ...view item »

The Men
Devil Music

On Devil Music, The Men decided to throw a few new ideas into the mix such as cassette cut-ups and sax. It was recorded over one weekend in January 2016. They used the fact that they’d decided to make an album for themselves as inspiration. Devil Music is the Brooklyn punk rockers 6th album, but first sin...view item »

The Men

Given the rate at which they’ve been accumulating plaudits and column inches over the past couple of years for their gnarly post-grungey noise rock dirge-pop, on the back of two excellent albums on Sacred Bones, it’s no surprise to see that The Men’s out...view item »

The Men
Tomorrow's Hits

Remember when The Men were a promising young noise rock band with an irresistible grunge-pop edge? They promised such wonderful things. I don't think any of us here at Norman Towers imagined that in such a short time they'd turn into the Neil Young-worshipping pub rock troupe they are today. Granted, there's stil...view item »

The Men
Leave Home

Dronier and fuzzier and angrier than what appears to be their breakthrough album following this, "Open Your Heart," this aggressively combines shoegaze, drone, hardcore, Krautrock, late 70s British punk-pop, and the American college rock of thirty years ago. Great influences for me, and while as with "Open" this is not original in its styles, it...view item »

The Men
Campfire Songs

Last year’s ‘New Moon’ LP saw noise-grungers The Men heading in more of a countryish pop direction, so it comes as no surprise that they’ve recorded alternate versions of some of those songs in a rustic outdoor setting, including a 12”x12” photo booklet with the EP so you can see ...view item »

The Men
New Moon

We’ve seen a few records in recent weeks where promising young bands have cashed in some of their noisy urgency for a more grown-up and melodic approach, notably the impressive efforts from Mazes and Iceage, and this time it’s former noise-rockers ...view item »

The Men
Electric / Water Babies

I’m nothing if not unconventional, a maverick. Don’t play by the rules, just like TV’s ‘Monroe’. Today, for example, I’m wearing two cardigans and just because this lot have had back to back 5 star Norman Records reviews and plaudits all over the place, I ain’t jumping on no bandwagon.Noisy l...view item »

The Men
Open Your Heart

Causing a bit of controversy in the office, this one. Business Lady insists it's a disappointment compared to their initial blast of dirgey noise pop, since the '90s pop-rock vibes are really pushed to the fore this time round. Opener 'Turn It Around' is a crashing statement of intent, s...view item »

Credit Card Babies

As a retort to the ever popular Women, We now have a NY electro-disco 3 piece called Men. Feturing Le Tigre's JD Sampson (the tomboy with the 'tache) 'Credit Card Babies' is a surprisingly fresh, sassy & sneakily ecstatic pop tune with nods to both the 80's new wave & the joyous skank of SKA. I'm tempted to bag one of these just so I can...view item »