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Martin Frawley
Undone at 31

Martin Frawley (previously of The Twerps) has suffered a break up and needs someone to talk to about it. It turns out that person is you lucky listener! Undone at 31 is a chronological journey along with Frawley as he adjusts to the next stage of his life told through the medium of incredibly catchy indie rock and pop.

The Stevens

The Stevens might have the sort of name that is easy to forget but we think you might like their music. You certainly will if you like brash and melodic power pop. The Melbourne band make the kind of fuzzy lo-fi pop that isn’t as straightforward as it initially seems. It’s twists and turns recall Bob Mould or early Teenage Fanclub.  

Range Anxiety

Twerps have spent some time touring with indie rock's chillest, including Real Estate and notorious shoe merchant Mac Demarco. Their record, Range Anxiety -- which, from its title, sounds one half Pavement, one half Parquet Courts -- continues to show off their talents for polishing up twee pop songs into something fuller, with sweet melodies upended by the kind of chords that backed up Days and Atlas. Beautiful, easy breezy and emotive. 

Work It Out

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Black Eyes

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