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Bengalfuel Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records

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‘Rapalyea’ is the latest release on Shimmering Moods Records by ambient synthesizer soundscapers Bengalfuel. Conjuring futuristic landscapes of desolate and peaceful majesty over luxurious pads and layer happy production, the record simmers with restraint until the final piece, which culminates in a rage of melodic chaos and mechanic...view item »


If you’ve not been squished to death by the huge drone mountain that has been growing over the last few years and you’re wanting more to soothe your battered mind then look no further as here’s a new CD by Bengalfuel...view item »


This CD is like a gentle stroll through an ambient park. Bengalfuel is a nice sounding collaboration between two high school friends who performed under various names and decided to amalgamate and join forces to relatively good effect. This CD is the final part in a four part series and d...view item »


Aw!! I got a 3" CD with a lovely flower on the front - I've asked everyone what it is but the best I got was "it looks a bit Orchid-y" from the boss who actually chose his new crazy first floor house just because he hates gardening so much he didn't want to have to bother with one again. So, yeah, we're all horticultural dunces here, sorry. This...view item »


Not a big fan of 3" CDs. I always lose them you see. They're not large enough to be used as drinks coasters either. I like this Bengalfuel 'Flower EP' series however, which has just reached its third instalment with 'Lowe' - another cracking four-tracker!...view item »


This is the second mini CD for Hibernate from the duo of Lou DiBenedetto and Joe LiTrenta. It begins with the startling 'Shadow Demon' which is arresting from the opening seconds with super dramatic strings and brooding cinematic soundscapes. It's clear we're in dark terrain as we th...view item »