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Dusk Loom

Having enjoyed a prodigious output of an album at least every 12 months from 2011 to 2016, The Dusk Loom has taken Oliver Barrett a comparatively lengthy three years to put together, having stepped back from his Petrels project briefly. Finding inspiration ancient and modern mythology, otherworldliness is the key theme on this seventh record. 


New album from Petrels, aka Oliver Barrett. Jör∂ drags the listener in straight away with a swooning choral arrangement that rises up out of a windy drone, and it carries on from that point with woodwinds, pop songs, electronics and all sorts, all swirling cinematically. Released by Denovali.

Flailing Tomb

The Petrels sound is a huge one, shooting high into the sky and falling down all around the listener. Flailing Tomb, his latest, is influenced seemingly by a little bit of everything under the sun: sonically, it contains a large choir in addition to the usual Petrels pallette. Released on 180g vinyl and on CD by the Denovali label.

The Silver Chimney Club / Wat Tyler

Droning through the British countryside, Petrels has finally remastered and released these two tracks on a physical medium. Clocking in at 17 and 22 minutes respectively, The Silver Chimney Club/Wat Tyler are two songs that tell a noisy story. Recommended for fans of long, slow ambient and intense drone. Pressed on 180gr vinyl.


Petrels is the solo drone atmospheres project of Oliver Barrett (not to be confused with the similarly titled Petals, who also mines dronish territory). Mima is his third album, and space seems to be at least partly the place here: we have sci-fi tones, lofty concepts and a moon-landing vehicle on the cover. Brought to you by Denovali.