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Ekoplekz Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records


The only box I want to put music in is my record box and yet my role as a writer here at Norman Towers in a sense dictates that I kinda have to, to some extent in order to attempt to articulate what a record sounds like to our readers. Genre references can be useful at times but so much is postmodern these days that it simply defies genre tags a...view item »


Hey look there’s another Ekoplekz record out. And for some reason I haven’t bought it already. Odd. Oh yeah, you’re supposed to work out whether you like it, or ‘review’ it, first aren’t you. Well, if you don’t know, Ekoplekz is a Bristolian man named Nick Edwards whose 4th album on Planet Mu is upon us,...view item »


Now a full citizen of Planet Mu, Nick Edwards turn his attention to populating the place. It seems fitting a home for Mr. Eko, whose processed grooves and space layers have always mirrored the Paradinas family, making screwed beat-worlds that don’t by any means fall into the usual glitchy cliches that are sometimes assumed to be fact. ...view item »

20 Acid Clonk Greats

Oo arrr it’s the pHarmerz. Recorded in Yeovil, Somerset, not far from where this reviewer was born, 20 Acid Clonk Greats tracks the oddball mangled meeting of ex-Hacker Farm byte Farmer Glitch and the legendary Ekoplekz. Electronic music project with a ‘z&rsquo...view item »

Entropik EP

Electronica busybody Nick Edwards and his Ekstatic Ekoplekz Ensemble of sound circuits return to the vinyl format for another exkursion into weird-ass journeys, and journeys these are. With each side of the EP consisting of one long piece of music, Edwards may well have ascended to dizzy artiste kompositeur heights on this. So he’s making ...view item »

Ekoplekz / Onme

This CD captures some of the emanations from the studio of Ekoplekz, aka Nick Edwards. As always, the tracks slip through the cracks of various electronic music scenes and manage to sound just like Ekoplekz: dubby, bass-heavy, synthed-up sound explorations for the curious. Plus the nigh-on unkno...view item »