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Emptyset Vinyl, CD & tapes by Emptyset at Norman Records

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Emptyset are a London-based electronic duo made up of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas. They made their latest album, Blossoms, using Machine Learning Technology. Ginzburg is known as a solo artist and as the person who runs the label Subtext and co-runs Arc Light Editions. Purgas curated the Wysing Arts Centre’s annual music festival and has lectured and written books on electronic music. It’s fair to say they know their stuff.

Heema / Shiva Dance

AMRA is a new collaborative project between Emptyset’s Paul Purgas and artist/musician Imran Perretta. Trawling through archives of sound from South Asia for inspiration, this hand-stamped 10” white label single produces two tracks, ‘Heema’ and ‘Shiva Dance’, which explore notions of ancestry and futurology. 
  • Vinyl 10" (AMRA001)
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  • Limited edition

James Ginzburg
Six Correlations

James Ginzburg might be better known to you as 50% of Emptyset, that most crushing of electronic music projects. This solo record, which was put together for a Berlin commission earlier this year, engages with a wider palette than that group, with folk musics of many different hues mixing with generative composition. Six Correlations is out on Subtext.
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  • Emptyset


Emptyset is the first record by literal-building-rattlers Emptyset, first released in 2009. Here we get an early version of the duo’s remarkably stern explorations of frequencies and vibrations, rhythms and outright bass-noise. Very precise, very intense, and often fairly danceable. Double LP reissue on Subtext.

Before You I Appear

Before You I Appear is an EP featuring remixes from Sumac’s 2016 album What One Becomes. The Vancouver/Washington duo find their dense metalish rock being punctuated with psychedelic explosions and sombre drone passages. Featuring remixes by Samuel Kerridge, Bleed Turquoise, Kevin Drumm and Japanese band ENDON. On Thrill Jockey.


What’s this?! Emptyset presenting material that was produced using only acoustic methods of production rather than racks of hardware electronics? Well I never. Of course, mini-album Skin’s four tracks still sound remarkably like Emptyset, despite the different textures at play: hammered zithers, voices and the like. LP on Thrill Jockey.


Emptyset continue to tunnel into the nature of sound and space with Signal, a document of a live performance. The group broadcast their sounds from the venue, via radio transmitters, over thousands of miles and back to the venue again, to see how the transmission through the atmosphere altered the sound. Conceptually rigorous: also sounds amazing. On Subtext.


Subtext (Roly Porter, Vex’d) re-press Emptyset’s 2012 mini-LP (which means it’s an EP, then) Medium. The bass-bothering duo recorded these tracks on location in a ruined Gothic mansion near Gloucester, and the reverberant surroundings add extra depth to these moody cross-breeds of dubstep and electro-acoustic composition.


More dark and heavy beat-work from Bristol / Berlin’s Emptyset. On Borders, the duo have incorporated some acoustic instruments into their tangled web of brutalist electronics, pushing their sound into some new areas, though don’t worry: this is still music to wreck buildings to. Borders is Emptyset’s first release for the Thrill Jockey label.
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  • Emptyset


Subtext (Roly Porter, Vex’d) drop the sophomore LP from upstarts electronicists Emptyset. On Demiurge the Bristolian duo use IDM techniques to create music that shape-shifts from ultra-leftfield techno to full-on noise experiments. It’s an intense, brooding listen pitched somewhere between Merzbow and Modeselektor.