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Emptyset Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records


Emptyset is the first record by literal-building-rattlers Emptyset, first released in 2009. Here we get an early version of the duo’s remarkably stern explorations of frequencies and vibrations, rhythms and outright bass-noise. Very precise, very intense, and often fairly danceable. Double LP reissue on Subtext....view item »

Before You I Appear

Before You I Appear is an EP featuring remixes from Sumac’s 2016 album What One Becomes. The Vancouver/Washington duo find their dense metalish rock being punctuated with psychedelic explosions and sombre drone passages. Featuring remixes by Samuel Kerridge, Bleed Turquoise...view item »


Emptyset, now there’s a name I know. I’ve probably sent a fair few of their (distinctive-looking) records out the door to a few of you lovely lot at some point in the last 20 months. Yes, I’m counting. Anyway, Bristol’s Emptyset -- well, James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas, for it is they -- have followed up their Pan Sonic-es...view item »


‘Signal’ is comprised of two excerpts from a live recording in Berlin, commissioned by CTM and Deutschlandradio. “Well whooptyfuckindoo” I hear you cry. Well fear not as this isn’t just any old Emptyset live recording chucked out on a 12” but something both conceptually and sonic...view item »


I can’t help but feel like Emptyset are sort of a Pan Sonic-lite. If Pan Sonic were still Panasonic then Emptyset could be the Goodmans / Grundig equivalent i.e perfectly functional but don’t quite reach the high quality of the source. That...view item »

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