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Justin Sweatt (Xander Harris)
Say Your Goodbyes

Xander Harris is releasing his new album, Say Your Goodbyes, under the name Justin Sweatt as he feels it doesn’t quite fit in with what you might expect from him. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s not the character from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It’s a an album inspired by Brian Eno’s Another Green World, Reichmann’s Wunderbar, Cluster and Roedelius - basically music that is good for contemplation. LP on Night Rhythms.

Xander Harris
Villains of Romance

After a run of releases that has included turns on 100% Silk and Not Not Fun, Louisiana synth fiend Xander Harris heads to Burning Witches for his latest LP. The label makes a good home for the intense, brooding and cinematic cuts that make up Villains Of Romance. Italo-disco, synthwave, dark ambient and industrial techno are all chucked into the mix here in a manner that recalls fellow Burning Witches act Deadly Avenger.

Xander Harris
California Chrome

Fresh American synth-wizardry from Austin, Texas. Xander Harris knows his electronic history and clearly loves a good John Carpenter soundtrack, and he feeds all his experience into California Chrome, his new full-length on Rock Action. The drum machines are big and the synth melodies are bright: there is much dancing to be done.

Xander Harris/ Dylan Ettinger
The Driver/ Tip Off

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